Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sew Cute Abroad: Castle Series pt. 3

For my third Castle of my time in London we traveled out of the city to go to Hampton Court Palace. Although our journey was a bit rough (got lost on the train ... lol) we made it with the help of a super nice volunteer at the palace. The palace was huge and amazing and had great tours. We did a tour that featured characters of real people who lived at the palace. It was cool getting a bit of history without just reading the information cards next to things (which I hate).

Hampton Court was by far one of my favorites out of the Royal Palaces we visited. The Palace was gorgeous, there was a lot to see, and the gardens were a cherry on top! 

The amazing gardens were my favorite part of the entire palace. I can't resist a beautifully arranged garden with flowers, bushes, and grass. This would be a perfect place for a photo shoot! Too bad it was absolutely freezing outside! 

It was awesome to be able to go to Hampton Court during it's 500 year anniversary. It's crazy to think that something could be standing for so long! This palace is rich in history, beauty, and is an amazing must see for me. I loved visiting the palace from the crazy beautiful gardens to the grand rooms and tiny court yards. If you are picking between which palace to go to this is my #1 recommendation!! Also, you HAVE TO do the guided tour. I was skeptical at first because I hate guided tours but this one is a for sure must see. Although this palace is outside of the city, it's worth the trip! 


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