Friday, March 23, 2018

Dose of Disney: My tips and tricks for the Flower and Garden Festival

Eat a real meal beforehand | Our first time at the Flower & Garden festival we made a major mistake by only eating Flower & Garden food..... we were all so cranky because we had been hungry for so long, and it took forever to feel full just by eating small bites and sharing small plates. The second day we spent at the festival we ate a smaller lunch then just had snacks or treats from the festival stands. Honestly, I think this is the way to go. This way you at least ate a little lunch or some sort of meal before you go and sample. Whether that is a small sandwich or salad or something, now you won't be starving while trying your Flower & Garden dishes! Plus there is nothing worse then being hangry. My family hangry is NOT a good situation let me tell you. 

Split dishes with friends | If you go with friends or family share your plates! When we went we split almost everything and just had little tastes of things. A. This saves money because these dishes aren't exactly "cheap". I'd say the average price is $6-8 per dish and they aren't huge! B. It gives you the opportunity to try way more things! If you really like something you can always go and get round 2! 

Pace yourself | Pace yourself between stands. Go to rides and attractions in between so you don't get to full. All the power to you if you can power through it back to back, but I get full!

Look at the Flower & Garden passport beforehand | Decide what your must-try items are. Find their locations and plan your food accordingly. We usually start in Canada and make our way around the countries. Obviously you can do it your normal way, but you can plan your stops based on your normal Epcot route!

What are your tips and tricks to Flower & Garden Festival? Let me know in the comments below! 

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