Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hawaii Wish List

Aloha! I'm super excited to say I am officially going to Hawaii at the end of September into October. The plane ticket and hotel is booked and I can see paradise in the distance... well a few months away at least. My family and I have been talking about taking this trip for so long! It is my parent's 30th wedding anniversary and to celebrate we are heading to Hawaii. My parents went there on their honeymoon so it's kind of a throwback to that! Plus we just really wanted to go. 

The best part? We are staying at the Disney Resort Aulani in a Disney Vacation club villa. So, not only will we be in paradise, we'll be in Disney paradise. I've heard so so much about this resort and I can't wait to explore and see everything. It looks absolutely breathtaking. Plus, the merch is so kawaii and I am READY for it. 

Since I am a psycho I am already planning my outfits. If you personally knew me this would not surprise you one bit. I LIVE for planning outfits and planning vacations. So, right now I am living my best life. I already starting mapping out my outfits for each day while I'm in Hawaii. Fair warning... it's gonna be a lot of Lilly because Lilly in Hawaii seems like the perfect combo.  

I thought it would be fun to highlight some fun things on my Hawaii wishlist. I'm currently trying not to spend money (it's hard) to save for shopping on my upcoming Disney trip, my trip to the U.K. in May and Hawaii of course! But, let's be honest I'll probably end up picking up a few of these pieces for my trip! 

To highlight a few things, first things first, Bando has created the most beautiful collection inspired by a trip to Hawaii. UM how perfect?! I'm loving these fun sunglasses, this rainbow travel pillow, and my dream product a vacation planner. Perfection. Also, I'm currently crushing on these two Jack Rogers slides. I feel like slides are all the rage but I can't get behind any I see. But, Jack Rogers does them in a preppy classic way, which I'm into. I've already picked up a few swimsuits for this trip, but I've been eyeing this Lilly suit and now this palm suit from Aerie. The suits I picked up already are from Aerie as well. I love their swimsuits. They are my favorite! Lastly, I just loved this fun stripe dress from ASOS. They have a ton of fun pieces that would be perfect for a vacation. 

Have you been to Hawaii, specifically near Honolulu? Let me know what are can't miss things! 


  1. Ahhhh! Have fun in Hawaii! I love the tan and green swimsuit and those heart-shaped shades!

  2. I live in Hawaii! and I used to work at Aulani! (recently left to care for my newborn baby)...have fun!!