Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Post Grad Girl: What you actually need to bring on college spring break

It's that time of year again... time for spring break! In college it seems like almost everyone has that one spring break that is an insane, let's be honest, drunken adventure. But, what no one tells you is what you actually should bring on these trips. My sophomore year of college I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for spring break with a big group of people. Let's learn from my and others mistakes and pack the right things! Today, I'm going to tell you what you should pack and what you should leave at home. 

What to bring
1. Swimsuits | Swimsuits are obviously a staple when going to the beach for spring break. I recommend bringing one swimsuit set or one piece per day you are planning on being at the beach. I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of damn swimsuits. But, trust me after walking around the beach all day or at a party you aren't going to want to put that swimsuit on again later in the trip. If you don't have enough swimsuits don't sweat it, bring mix and match tops so you can at least feel a little refreshed each day with a new swimsuit look. Also disclosure: your swimsuits might get ruined. I'd leave the $100+ swimsuits at home. Stick with Target or Aerie swimsuits, you can still be cute without bringing the $90 Triangle top. If your swimsuit doesn't get ruined, it also might get stolen. It's gross to think that someone would take your swimsuit (like ew no), but things tend to go missing wether someone took them or not when you're staying with a big group of girls. Moral of the story is bring lots of affordable swimsuits that if they get ruined it won't be the end of the earth. 

2. T-shirt and track shorts | Let's be honest here for a second, you are probably going to be a hot mess express on your spring break. It's fine, it happens to the best of us. Keep your super cute outfits to a minimum and be sure to bring some tees and track shorts or other casual clothes. Also, be sure to grab at least one sweatshirt. When I was in golf shores it was warm, but got chilly at night. You're gonna wanna bring a least a little something in case it gets cold. 

3. Normal clothes | Although you should bring casual clothes, be sure to bring some real clothes too. I don't know about you but I hate staying in a swimsuit all day long. Bring a few pairs of shorts and cute tops for later in the evening when you might go to dinner or a party. 

4. Flip flops & Sneakers | Bring at least one pair of flip flops and one pair of sneakers. There is broken glass everywhere in places like this. Wearing shoes is important for safety reasons and because you should just wear shoes it's a simple concept here people. Some people went on bike rides or walked around and sneakers would come in handy for that. If you're trying to be fancy you could even bring sneakers to run on the beach or something. Not speaking from personal experience, but it sounds like it would be a good idea. #fitness 

5. Aloe & Sunscreen | I CANNOT stress this ENOUGH! You or someone you know WILL get sunburned. I try and avoid getting sun burned at all costs by using high SPF sunscreen. I am a very pale person and I burn easily so I always have Aloe Vera with me. But, other people, not so much. I was slathering aloe onto friends after they got fried under the sun. Just because you tan doesn't mean you shouldn't bring aloe or wear sunscreen. So please play it safe and apply sunscreen each morning and come prepared with aloe in case you do get burned. 

6. Extra phone chargers | Bring extra chargers for your devices if possible. Again, staying in a house full of girls stuff is going to go missing or misplaced. Better be safe then sorry! Walking around with a dead phone is not a good idea... people will get lost to begin with and you don't want to add a dead phone into that equation. Portable chargers are also a good idea to keep on hand! 

What NOT to bring 
1. Valuables | You are probably thinking no sh**t don't bring valuables. But, my inner mom is screaming inside DON'T BRING THEM! I get paranoid about stuff like this but, it is better to be safe then sorry here people. 

2. Electronics | Leave the laptops and nice cameras at home ladies, you won't use them. I think there was one person on my trip that actually pulled out a laptop and did homework. Don't take it with and just leave it at home. I have a vision of someone's laptop falling into a pool somewhere and it gives me major anxiety, so don't let that dream become a reality. 

3. Expensive jewelry | I wear nice jewelry on a daily basis, but on spring break I didn't wear anything. Just leave all of that stuff at home. The last thing you want is your favorite necklace to fall off on the beach or get lost in a pool. Play it safe and just leave it at home. 

4. Designer purses | You'll think you will use a purse, but I'm telling you now you will not. Don't have your nice Louis or Kate Spade sitting at your hotel or in your house. Stick with a fanny pack (I know #fashion) or a beach bag to carry your things. If you are going somewhere less ratchet then Gulf Shores and you have a safe in your hotel... maybe you could bring it. But, I still wouldn't recommend it! 

Wow, hopefully I didn't sound like to big of a mom, but this is what you need to hear ladies. To summarize: bring aloe, sunscreen, and the necessities. Don't bring unnecessary fancy things if you are going on a ratchet spring break. 

Hopefully this will help any first-timer spring breakers. The most important thing to remember is STAY SAFE! Stick with your friends, keep your phone charged, and don't stay out in the sun too long. Be smart and trust your instinct. 

Have spring break questions? Leave them in the comments! 

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