Friday, July 20, 2018

Dose of Disney: Oh Mickey You're So Fine

Oh Mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, HEY MICKEY!

Today I'm serving up some classic Mickey style! There is something about a classic Mickey inspired look that is so fun and wholesome. Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse, monsters that is who. Just kidding, but Mickey has been a major part of my life for quite some time. From meeting Mickey as a 4 year old little girl to now rocking a designer handbag with Mickey on it everything seems to come full circle with him. 

For this look I centered it around this fabulous Cath Kidston Mickey and friends skirt. I picked this up from their initial release of the collection because I fell in love with the print. Not only do you have the whole gang on there but also adorable polka dots. Initially the skirt was a little long for my petite self, so I did get it hemmed so it wouldn't be to conservative looking. Gotta show some leg every now and then. 


This skirt is also great because it has an elastic waistband in the back, but it doesn't appear on the front. So, you get a nice clean seam on the front, but all of the comfort of an elastic waist band. It's a win-win really. 

As for my tee I love this tee from Once Upon Apparel. It's one of their classic styles and I have to say it is adorable. I ended up scoring this "oopsie" shirt from an oopsie sale they held a while back. When a small shop hosts an oopsie sale it basically means there might be minor imperfections on the shirt. So, they don't want to sell it at full price. This shirt had very minor screen printing fading, so it still worked perfect for me! Plus I got a discount on it. 

And the shirt speaks for itself, who doesn't love Mickey shaped foods? I know I love a good Mickey pretzel while I'm at the parks.  

For this look I found so many fun photo locations that are perfect for any classic Mickey or Minnie look you may be sporting. In Story Book Circus I couldn't help but feel a classic Mickey and Disney vibe. Plus it's a great spot to sit down with a pretzel or a bucket of popcorn and enjoy a snack. 

The next awesome photo location is at the Main Street train station. Let's talk about this castle view? So amazing! Plus there usually isn't to many people up there. It's a great little spot to people watch, catch some shade, and snap a few photos. 

You can't forget about the front of the station as well! Who doesn't love that awesome Mickey shaped floral arrangement. Can I get that made in my yard or....? 

Then of course you have to have the castle shots! I also love this little wishing fountain on the side of the castle. It's usually a pretty well hidden photo opp as well! Hardly ever a crowd or long wait to snap a picture. 

Of course the Hub Grass is also always good for a few cute photos. There are a ton of beautiful fountains, castle views, and little statues to snap a photo with. 

Now we can't forget about my classic Minnie Ears! These beauties are just your traditional Minnie ears you can find at practically any gift shop. I am planning a fun DIY project with them, inspired by Wicked Ears, to spice them up a bit. 

My other accessories are pretty simple. We've got your basic pearl earrings, KJP pearl necklace, and my go-to park bracelets. I also wore my trusty white basic Keds as they are super comfortable to walk around in, and match any outfit!

Where it's from: 
Tee: Once Upon Apparel
Skirt: Cath Kidston 
Ears: Disney Parks 
Bracelets: Pandora, Alex and Ani 
Necklace: KJP 

What is your favorite Mickey memory? Let me know in the comments below! 

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