Monday, July 9, 2018

Sew Cute in Chicago vol. 2

Hello everyone! I'm back with another edition of Sew Cute in Chicago. This week I'm talking about a few new restaurants I've tried. There have been a lot of occasions to go out to eat between my birthday, anniversary, and friends being in town! So, here are my reviews on the places I've tried recently.... 

Mindy's Hot Chocolate | For my boyfriend and I's 3 year anniversary we opted to try a local spot that had some great reviews. We found Mindy's Hot Chocolate and I have to say I am pretty happy with the choice! We both got the Mac n Cheese which is a signature item on their menu. It was very rich, but very tasty. Then we got the chocolate cake for dessert which was amazing. The restaurant's chef is known for being a pastry chef so a lot of people were coming in just for dessert. Which, I am so in favor of. They also have a wide selection of hot chocolates (go figure) with homemade marshmallows, that I am dying to try!

Chop Shop | My boyfriend's family came down for dinner in the city and we went to Chop Shop located in Wicker Park. Everything we had was so delicious! I loved my Steak & Frites dinner. I literally ate every last bite, which I never do. The fries came with a garlic aioli sauce, which as to die for. So good!! We got an Italian sausage appetizer which tasted so fresh and delicious. There is actually a deli and butcher shop below the restaurant that sells fresh meats. So, all of the meat was very good. Then for dessert we got a brownie skillet which was very good as well! We had a great meal and I would for sure go back in the future!   

Small Cheval | On a very hot Friday night my friend and I headed to Small Cheval for burgers, fries, and drinks. They literally have three things on the menu: hamburger, cheeseburger, and fries. YUM! My kind of place, let me tell ya. The burger was great complete with pickles and house sauce (I opted for no onions). Then I paired it with a hard cider. Dipping your fries in the garlic aioli sauce is also a must! That must be a thing in the city because I have never done that before, but I am all about obvi. 

Kanela Breakfast Club | Brunch is the best meal, right? I went to brunch with some friends at Kanela Breakfast Club and it was pretty tasty! I got a basic meal aka eggs with meat and potatoes, but it was good. You can't go wrong with peppercorn bacon. My boyfriend and I got monkey bread as an appetizer which was also very good. Next time maybe I'll opt for a more adventurous dish and report back.  

The Vig | Speaking of brunch I tried another brunch spot The Vig recently as well. The Vig goes from brunch spot to happening place to get drinks at night (apparently). Brunch was very tasty at the Vig! I ate a whole plate of bacon and some of my cinnamon roll #oops. Warning: this place is impossible to find parking during brunch hours. So, I recommend ubering if you live in the city. 

What Chicago places should I try next? Let me know in the comments! 

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