Monday, July 16, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dorm or Apartment Picks!

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! AKA the most hyped up shopping event of the year. No joke. But, I've been shopping the sale since I was a little kid so I really do love and shop the sale personally. We used to go to Nordstrom before each school year and pick out new shoes as well as a few outfits. As I have gotten older I've gotten more and more from the sale. Now, I pick up new shoes, accessories, and clothes from the sale every year! 

For my Nordstrom Anniversary sale posts I want to try and create unique and different content for you all! I know there are plenty of hauls, try-ons and what not out there already. So, I'm going to do my best to mix it up and show you things other people aren't showing! 

Today's post is decor for your dorm room or college apartment! My favorite part about going to college (no joke) was decorating my dorm/ apartment. Nordstrom actually has a really great selection of home items that would be great in a dorm, college apartment, or apartment right out of school. 

The best part, some of these items are super affordable! A lot of them are under $30! Swell bottles are included in the sale, which is awesome! Both of this Swell bottle & tumbler are under $30. Which, is a great deal for these guys! Plus this dreamy light pink color is gorgeous. There are also some Corkcicle included in the sale if that is more of your thing. Another affordable item that I picked up was this dark coral color throw. It is super fuzzy and has fun tassels! This throw is around $25, which is an awesome price. 

If you are a candle gal or guy the sale is stocked full of high end candles at low prices. I picked up a Capri Blue candle, but it is sadly sold out currently. But, there are so many other options available!

So, be sure to check out some of the awesome home items included in the sale! There are a ton of cool things to fill your dorm or apartment with for this upcoming school year. Or to spice up your after grad pad. 

Be on the lookout for more Nordstrom Sale posts! 

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