Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Coat Guide: Surviving the Midwest Winter

Whenever I travel people always ask where I am from. When I say Chicago 75% of the time they say how could you live there?? It's so cold! Well my answer is I honestly don't know anything else. I've lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life then went to college in Iowa which is the same climate. It's all about what you know I guess! Since I've lived here for quite some time I've gotten the hang of surviving the cold winters, well as best as one can. Today, I'm going over some of my go-to coats of the season and some cold weather accessories that are essential to living in the Midwest! 

Whether you already live in the Midwest, planning a visit, or moving to the area I hope you can find some cold weather pieces to help you survive the season... 

WATERPROOF JACKET | A heavy waterproof jacket is a must in the Midwest. This Bute jacket is my all time favorite jacket! It is stylish, warm, and waterproof. With a faux vest, good pockets, and a fun hood this jacket is a winner. Normally I wear this jacket into negative degrees. That is when I'll pull out my parka. But, this jacket lasts me a good chunk of the winter season!

PUFFER | I love a good puffer coat. Thanks to working for an outerwear based company I have many. Honestly Barbour puffer coats are underrated! This maroon style (pictured above) has been my favorite this season. It's super cute and has a little bit of style to it. Plus it is super comfy, it feels like I am wrapped up in a sleeping bag. Which, I think is what everyone wants to be honest. 

PARKA | At a certain point in the winter everyone from the Midwest pulls out their black parka and calls it quits. Honestly when it feels like -60 you have to wear something heavy duty. I opt for my black North Face parka I have had since college. They are an investment but they really hold up! Plus they are usually waterproof which helps protect you from any snow, freezing rain, hail, you name it! 

WAX JACKET | Barbour wax jackets are a great piece to have during the early winter months. You can add a zip in liner to add extra warmth or layer with a sweater. The wax fabric acts as a natural tech fabric that blocks the wind. Which if you've ever met someone from the Midwest they have probably said, "It wouldn't be bad without the wind!". A wax jacket helps with that. 

CHUNKY SCARF | There is nothing better then wrapping yourself up in a chunky fuzzy scarf. I've linked a few of my favorites at the bottom of this post. Being from the Midwest I have quite the extensive scarf collection, but I love a good boucle scarf. You can wear them as a wrap or with your coat. 

MITTENS | I picked up these super cute faux fur mittens on a trip to Minneapolis this fall! I am so pumped to wear them this winter. I love a cute pair of mittens to survive the cold. These are especially great because you can roll them down to text or use your fingers if needed. If I'm not wearing mittens I am honestly wearing $5 mittens from Target. No shame! Anything will do the trick as long as your hands are covered.  

BEAN BOOTS | I wear my Bean Boots all fall and winter. They are great for when the ground is wet or snowy. Plus they are a little more stylish than your average snow boot. Sorel boots are also known to be great in the snow! I'm still trying to pick out what pair I want to test out this winter so stay tuned. 

UGGS | As basic as Uggs are they are honestly an essential in the Midwest. No shame! I wear my Uggs during the winter to run errands or go for a casual meal. Or honestly when I am just cold. If you have an Ugg outlet near you be sure to check it out for good deals! Nordstrom Rack has always had some good Ugg deals this season. 

There you have it! Those are my winter essentials to survive the Midwest winter. From coats to cold weather accessories these are all my go-to items to survive Chicago. 

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