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2019 Year in Review

Happy almost 2020! I can't believe it is the end of the decade. It is kind of crazy. I started the decade as basically a freshman in high school, and now I am a college graduate working in the real world. Time really does fly. In the past I have done lots of different re-cap like posts at the end of the year. This year I wanted to go month by month and remember some of the many things I did this year! It included a lot of travel, visiting friends, and of course lots of memories. I've also highlighted some of my favorite blogposts from each month! You can also see some of my past year in review posts below if you really want to walk down memory lane...... 


I kicked off the year with my normal work trip to New York city in the middle of the month. Luckily the Mickey 90th exhibit was still open and I was able to go visit it while I was in town! Shout out to all of the staff there for taking super cute pictures of me because I went by myself. I also took a work trip to Dallas. January is usually a busy work month for me so there wasn't too much going on! Lots of fun and busy times during January 2019. 

February is another busy work month for me! I went to Vegas for the Project show which you can see me at below. Then of course I have my big trade show for work in Chicago in February! Pretty much in the month of February I just worked. 

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | Tale as Old as Time Tea

March brought on some fun traveling! I went to LA for work and was able to explore a little more than I have in the past. I went to Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and walked around and explored. Another highlight was shopping the Stoney Clover Lane x Beverly Hills hotel collaboration pieces. I picked up a lot of cute cuties while shopping at the hotel! 

In March I also headed to Walt Disney World for about 8 days with my family! We did our full blown Disney routine including all 4 theme parks and lots of photos of course. Crowd wise we did not get so lucky as we were there during Mardi Gras which is apparently when everyone from the state of Louisiana comes to Disney World. We still had fun though!

In April my boyfriend and I traveled to Cancun, Mexico for our friend's wedding! Spent some time sitting by the pool and trying to relax, which I am not very good at. It was so nice to be there for our friends big day! 

During the month of May I wasn't traveling as much for work so we were able to relax and enjoy living in the city for our last month of our lease. We visited some fun restaruants like Jojo's Milk Bar for fun giant milkshakes. Then we packed up a lot of stuff and headed back to the burbs. 

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | Purple potion spirit jersey

We also took an adventure down to Kansas City for our friends wedding reception. Visiting with friends we haven't seen in a while was awesome! I may have also requested Sucker by the Jonas Brothers at the reception.... 

June is always my favorite month, for a lot of reasons. But, mainly because it is my birthday! I turned 24 on June 19th. Chuck my little pup turned one years old on June 8th! Then I celebrated my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend Jeremy on June 22nd. To say June is a busy month is an understatement! 

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | My birthday wishlist

Below you can see Chuck celebrating his 1st birthday! My big boy is so grown up. He's not a puppy anymore, even though he still acts like one. 

At the beginning of the month we headed down to St. Louis for another friends wedding! We enjoyed their beautiful ceremony and reception then visited the St. Louis arch on our way out of town. On our way to the wedding I was actually trying to score Jonas Brother meet and greet tickets. Which, was probably the most stressful thing I did this year. But, I GOT THEM! Thanks to Jeremy to stopping at a Jimmy John's so I could connect to some internet. 


My work started to pick up again in July as we prepped for the Spring Summer 2020 season. I headed to New York to spend a week there for my work trip. During the summer I try and take advantage of being in the city and do some exploring. I was able to head to The Met's fashion CAMP exhibit. Naturally, I had to take a picture on The Met steps in honor of Gossip Girl. This was also the same month I finally splurged on a Lele Sadoughi headband. Haven't looked back since!

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | Nordstrom Anniversary sale haul

We celebrated the 4th of July with friends and watched some great fireworks in the burbs!

Lots of fun adventures in August. It was a very busy month! One of my good friends from college and study abroad came to visit. We went to one of the hottest new restaruants in Chicago and somehow got seated. Sipping on Aperol Spritz's we had an amazing view of the Chicago River. 

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | Casual shopping day outfit

Also in the month of August I headed to Vegas for a work trip. My mom tagged along and we got to explore Vegas more than I have ever before. Let's just say Vegas has some great photo opportunities. 

Then after my Vegas work trip we headed to Disneyland for a quick little weekend trip. One day at Disneyland then one day at California Adventure. I pretty much find any excuse to go to Disneyland if I'm close enough. 

September may have been my favorite month of the year. I kicked off the month with a girls trip with my best friend from middle school to Nashville. This was our first girls trip, and I think it will become a yearly tradition. We explored Nashville, ate some good food, took cute pictures, and watched a lot of Friends. 

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Then we also saw the Jonas Brothers in Nashville! Seeing the Jonas Brothers together was pretty much a dream of ours since middle school. We both loved them so much that once we knew they were getting back together we had to go to a show. I then headed back home to Chicago to see the Jonas Brothers at both of their Chicago Shows at the United Center. We had amazing seats and I am so thankful for the amazing experiences I've had with my friends at the Happiness Begins Tour this year. 

THEN probably the highlight of my year, decade, and life I MET THE JONAS BROTHERS! I have dreamed of that moment since I was 11 years old. Now, over 10 years later it finally came true. I legit lost all words but I am happy I look normal in my meet and greet photo. 

The same month I met another one of my favorite artists Andy Grammer! This was my third Andy Grammer show but my first time meeting him. I had a fun night with friends and got to be front row at the concert. 

October was a busy travel month! The first weekend I headed to Denver, Colorado to visit my Big from my sorority and my best guy friend. We went out in Downtown Denver, went to brunch, visited Boulder, and attempted to be outdoorsy. Clearly I didn't get super into the Denver outdoor lifestyle, but I still had a blast! 


The rest of the month included a weekend trip to visit my friend in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a day trip to Washington D.C.. We explored Georgetown and ate a the yummiest restaurant. Then in Minnesota we explored a local downtown, ate brunch, and had a relaxing movie night. 

Then of course no October would be complete without a trip to the apple orchard! I did a ton of fun fall activities this month like visiting the apple orchard, heading to the arboretum, and the glass pumpkin patch event at the Morton Arboretum. I also took a work trip to Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa and was able to drive and see all of the fall leaves! Like I said lots and lots of travel in the month of October. 

November was a chiller month and I didn't too many exciting things! I celebrate Thanksgiving with family and spent some time relaxing. Then I headed to the press preview of my favorite holiday event the Santa Baby Bar in Wrigleyville! 

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | My Christmas wishlist 

I closed out the year in December with lots of fun festive activities! The first week of the month I went to New York for a sales meeting for work. I was able to fight the crowds and go to see the Frozen windows at Saks. Although I wasn't there for long I was able to see some Christmas magic in the city. Then I saw Christmas Vacation and White Christmas in the movie theater. Also, binged a ton of Christmas movies all month long! 

FAVORITE BLOGPOST | Midwest winter must-haves

What is your favorite memory of 2019? Let me know in the comments! Cheers to another great year and another decade. 

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