Tuesday, March 3, 2015

College Series: Study Break Tips

Finding the best time to take a study break can be challenging. Since midterms are right around the corner (or currently happening) I thought I would give a few fast tips that you can incorporate into your study routine! 

  1. Watch a Youtube video: Whenever I need a quick break I pull up Youtube and watch a few videos in my subscription. This way you can have a 10-15 minute break without the commitment of watching an whole episode of a show which could be 30-60 minutes long! 
  2. Eat a snack: Usually when I'm studying I get super hungry! Take a few minutes and pop a bag of popcorn, run and go through a drive through, or make a healthy snack (if thats your thing). Once I eat a little something I am more likely to study! No one likes to study on an empty stomach. 
  3. Read a chapter: Currently I am trying to start the book Dirty Rush that I was sent through my Grandex rep program! To take a quick study break read a chapter in a book you are working on or that you want to read. Reading a chapter can take about 20 min so this is a great if you need to get your mind off a hard class and escape for a bit. 
Those are a few quick study break tips of mine! What are your favorite study breaks? Let me know in the comments! 

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