Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spa Day Idea + GIVEAWAY

Recently I was sent the Zakia Morocco face and body mask to try out. I will say this is one unique face and body mask! This mask is made from 100% pure and natural clay which is mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. You can not only use this mask for your face but also it works in your hair. This mask is the ideal component to have a perfect spa day. Whether you have some me time or host with friends this mask is a great beauty item to add to your collection! 

By mixing water with the powder one creates a mask to use on the body, face, or hair! Keep the product on your skin for 10 minutes to reveal soft skin! It also helps absorbs unwanted grease, removes facial impurities, and erases blackheads! This product is great because it is three in one. You can use it for hair, body, or face which is great if you are looking for a dual purpose product. 

Does this mask seem interesting for you? Feel free to use this coupon code for 20% off any products in their store

Do you want to create your own spa day? Well here are a few easy things to create the perfect getaway at home....

  1. Zakia Morocco Ghassoul Clay Powder (face and body mask) | As I mentioned before this product is the perfect product for a spa day! Just by adding water you can create a hair, face, or body mask with just one product. Scented candle | Scented candles are the best kind of candles! My favorite are Capri Blue candles. You can find these at Anthropologie or at other retailers. 
  2. Spa headband | To keep your hair out of your face when applying masks be sure to wear some sort of headband and tie your hair back. 
  3. Calming playlist | Create a playlist featuring soothing songs. Pick whatever makes you feel most relaxed. 
  4. Bath Bomb | The best place to get bath bombs are from Lush. These are not only fun but also release amazing scents that are out of this world.
Want to win a Zakia's morocco product? Click THIS LINK to enter to win (or enter below) 
What is your favorite face or hair mask? Let me know in the comments! 

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