Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Seven

Long time no chat! Sorry for the delayed Sunday Seven posts! Since I have been traveling and wrapping up the semester things got crazy. But, no worries, Sunday Seven is back in action! So, here are a few things I've been loving these past two weeks. 

Dough the Pug |  I swear that Doug the Pug is my spirit animal. Every post relates to me almost 100%. He is hilarious! Be sure to follow him on social media to keep up with his adventures. 

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha | In London they didn't have peppermint mocha's at Starbuck so I just picked up my first of the season. Although it is old news I am very excited to get these this holiday season. 

Project Runway Junior | For the longest time I have watched Project Runway and loved it every season. Now, they have introduced a new show Project Runway Junior. Basically it's a show where younger contestants sew better then you will in your entire life. It amazes me what these kids can do! Even as a 18 year old I couldn't sew as well as them! A must see on TV for me! 

KJP new arrivals | KJP is literally killing me with all of their new arrivals coming in! I am especially loving their personalization pieces, this ring, and the velvet pearl bracelets

KJP's Wedding | Can we please take a moment and talk about how perfect KJP and Sarah Vicker's wedding was. Uh hello #relationshipgoals x 100000!! I already loved them and their wedding was picture perfect. It makes me want to have a winter wedding at a Christmas tree farm.. who knew I would ever say that! 

Anything American | Since coming home from Europe I have been taking advantage of being home! I've missed American food, stores, and accents. It's nice to be home in the US! 

Leighannesays on Youtube | I have always been a big fan of beauty Youtubers. Right now my favorite is Leigh Anne. She is adorable and she actually does beauty tutorials and makeup reviews. I think a lot of Youtubers are super sponsored and not a reliable source to get opinions on products but she is great and an honest voice! Love her. 

What are your favorites of the week? Let me know in the comments! 

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