Friday, January 15, 2016

Snapshots From Disney

During my recent trip to Disney I tried really hard to just enjoy my time at the parks versus taking lots of photos for posts and for social media. But, I wanted to share a few cute shots from Disney through the lens of my iPhone. We spent two days and one night at Disney so it was a very short trip. However, it was a great little mini vacation within a vacation. Not to mention I got to show my boyfriend Jeremy one of my favorite places in the world.  

Somehow I convinced my boyfriend to meet characters with me so here is a shot of Goofy giving me a huge hug! 

At Epcot we took a selfie in every country! It was a fun alternative because we didn't have anyone to take our photo throughout the whole day. 

Of course while I was at Disney I rocked my Disney Alex and Ani bracelets! I picked up two new ones while I was there. I picked up a Cinderella and Snow White bracelet. 

Of course while I was at Disney I rocked my favorite Jadelynn Brooke PREPPY tee. I also snapped this photo at Magic Kingdom with my cute Jadelynn Brooke sunnies. 

Luckily while we were in Disney all of the Christmas decorations were still up. Disney at Christmas time is one of the best things EVER. So, I was very happy to get an extra two days of holiday cheer. 

Last but not least I enjoyed lots of tasty food while at Disney. Whoever said Disney has terrible food is so wrong! I snacked on my favorite Dole Whips, Micky pretzel, popcorn, and churros. We also ate at my two favorite restaurants: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom and in Italy at Epcot! 

What is your favorite part about Disney World or Disneyland? Let me know in the comments! 

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