Friday, September 9, 2016

College Series: College Apartment Living Room Tour

After being in my new apartment for about 3 weeks things are finally coming together! My living area is super small, so it's been the room that has come together the fastest. It's a pretty basic living room: coach, coffee table, TV, and a TV stand. But, I've decorated things just how I like them to make the space cozy and personalized. Purple is my favorite color so that is the main accent throughout the room. Here is a quick little tour of my cozy living room! 
(Note: My apartment came fully furnished. If I bought a piece of furniture it will be noted. 

Where it's from: 
Hashtag sign- Target dollar spot 
Trays- *both were gifts*
Candles- Both from Bath and Body Works
Mug- Anthropologie 
Seahorse- Hobby Lobby 
Baskets- Hobby Lobby 

I loved styling my little TV stand. It serves as for both decoration and function. In the bottom right hand corner I store all of my textbooks so they are easily reachable. But, they also make a nice stack to add some decor. Along the bottom I also have a Tory Burch shoe box, my journal from studying abroad, a One Direction teddy bear (because I'm still a huge fan), a box from Laudree, and a framed photo. On the top shelf I keep my more decorative books that lean up against a candle. To add a few fun touches I placed my Chip Disney mug and a silver pug figure. This shelf also holds my washi tapes I use in my planner. I found these fun baskets for 90% off at Hobby Lobby that work great! 
(Note: The green accent wall comes with my unit... definitely not my first choice in color but it'll have to do.) 

Styling my coffee table was something I was super excited about! Although mine is small I keep this stack of magazine and books to add a pop of pink. My Kate Spade coffee table book is finally on a coffee table which is also pretty exciting. I know only I get excited about coffee table books, but they are just so fun! On top I put this Bath and Body Works candle for added decor. 

I picked up this textured pillow back my freshman year for my dorm. Now it's perfect for my apartment! The London pillow is from Hobby Lobby that I picked up on sale this summer. 

And here is my beloved gallery wall! Be sure to check out my post all on my tips for a DIY gallery wall. 

What does your college dorm or apartment look like? Let me know in the comments! 

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