Friday, September 8, 2017

6 Instagram-able Chicago Restaruants (that are worth the hype)

Recently I've been exploring a TON of new restaruants in Chicago. So, I rounded up 6 totally Instagram-able restaruants in Chicago that are totally worth the hype. Not only are these places perfect to snap a pic for your Instagram theme, but they also have some great food and drinks! 

Public House | First up is Public House, which I kept referring to as Tap House (I have no idea why though). This place is the perfect hangout bar for some great food and some snazzy milkshakes. We may not have NYC Black Top but we have these beautiful milkshakes topped with a PIECE OF CAKE! I opted for the chocolate flavor because chocolate, but there is a birthday cake flavor as well. You can also opt for booze in your shake. For food I got the BLT with parmesan fries.... yum! Jeremy, my boyfriend, got a grilled cheese and sweet potato fries and he loved his meal as well. 

Bub City | HOLY BBQ! This place is so amazing. I got the beef brisket and rib combo and holy moly it was so so good! The brisket was so tender it literally fell apart, and the ribs were equally as good. Sides included some coleslaw and saltines which were oddly satisfying! I also got some mac and cheese as well as some tater tots. For an appetizer we got fried pickles that were thick and crunchy. Overall, I'd say its one of the best BBQ places in the city. Another one to mention is Old Crow Smokehouse. It had amazing meats as well and a smores pie for dessert! 

London House Rooftop Bar |  While in Chicago for work my work friend had a reservation to the London House Rooftop, which are hard to come by. The views were incredible, absolutely incredible (pictured below). And the giant Moscow mule was just as incredible! It's built for sharing so grab a few girl friends, or guy friends, and split one with the perfect Chicago view. 

Doughnut Vault | Best. Donut. I've. Ever. Had. I've been trying a ton of doughnut places in Chicago and Doughnut Vault beats them all. I picked up a giant apple fritter and it was one of the best once I've ever had. The line is long on the weekends, but it is so worth it! They have multiple locations in Chicago, but this one is super tiny, but super Instagram worthy. 

Three Dot's and a Dash | If there was a place made created to take cool Instagram photos Three Dot's and a Dash would be that place. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen my post of these two adorable tiki drinks. Well, Three Dot's and a Dash serves up all kinds of adorable looking drinks all in elaborate cups and with crazy decorations. I got the rum bowl and it was pretty good! My boyfriend got the one in the little tiki dude and it was very strong. So, listen to the menu when it marks something as a strong drink! But, overall this is the perfect place to bring some friends and snap a fun picture of you and your drinks! 

Imperial Lamain | Last but not least, colored freaking dumplings! I'm not a big Chinese food gal, but rainbow dumplings got me to give them a go. These adorable little dumplings come in a set of 6 so you can try all the flavors. Not only does this restaurant have adorable dumplings, but it also has amazing interiors, which makes it the perfect backdrop for a photo of your crew. 

What are your favorite restaruants in Chicago? What should I try next? Let me know in the comments below! 

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