Monday, September 16, 2019

Nashville Travel Guide

I'm back with another travel guide! This time I'm sharing everything I did during a girl's trip to Nashville. I have to preface that this guide is not about where to drink and go out in Nashville. I'm not super into going out to bars, drinking, and I do not like country music. So, this will be a Nashville travel guide for those who are looking for cute shopping, areas to explore, and food to try! 


Five Daughters Bakery | One of my favorite stops on the trip was Five Daughters Bakery. Not only is this place adorable but the donuts are so good. This is a great place for a fun treat or breakfast along with an adorable photo op. I got the drumstick donut and it was soooo good. I'd recommend splitting a donut or two with someone else because my friend and I could not finish a whole donut ourselves! We probably could have shared.  

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint | Martin's BBQ is a favorite in Nashville. I had the brisket and rib meal and it was very tasty! But, I will say I got extremely sick after eating it. I will spare you the details but it was NOT pretty. While my friend had the pulled pork and she was totally fine. Not sure if it was just my stomach or if there was a deeper issue with something I ate. But, I wanted to forewarn you but also say my brisket was really good, just not the second time around.... I wasn't able to eat hardly anything the next day so that was sad. You've been warned.... 

Milk & Honey | This adorable breakfast place is a must in Nashville. Located in the Gulch it is super close to a ton of cute shops! I got the basic breakfast with eggs, bacon, potatoes, fruit, and toast. The toast was soooo good. Everything seemed super fresh and was oh so tasty! I got the burnt sugar latte and it was also delicious. 

Barcelona Wine Bar | If you are in the mood for tapas look no further then Barcelona Wine Bar. This place is so cool! My friend ate at a different location and enjoyed it so we decided to give it a shot in Nashville. They have a bunch of small tapas plates that are great for sharing. We got the burrata, steak, and fried calamari. Plus the bread was freaking amazing. I didn't get any wine because #upsetstomach, but they have an extensive list with lots of options if wine is your thing! 

Hattie B's | Another Nashville staple is Hattie B's. I'm not one for spicy food, but I opted for the mild chicken and it was really good! It was pretty hyped up and I'm not sure it lived up to the hype. Again, my stomach was still a little unwell so not sure if I'm the best person to judge it. But, my friend got the medium option and it was way to spicy for her! So, if you are sensitive to spice I recommend the mild chicken. I will say we had awesome service. My friend waited a few minutes for her sandwich and they gave us a free banana pudding! So nice. One tip I did find super helpful was to eat at a location other then the Midtown location. The Midtown location is super busy and packed with tourists. We avoided quite a line by going to a location other then Midtown. For sure something to keep in mind if you don't want to wait in a huge line. 

Ainsworth | This was an impulse pick as we were hungry and we were about 500 ft from the restaurant at the time. If you are looking for a LIT brunch option this may be the place for you. We were not lit, but this place for sure was. They had drink deals, a DJ, and pretty good food. If you were going to Nashville for a bachelor or bachelorette party this place would honestly be fun! 

Liberty Common | I've seen so many people post about this place and I knew we had to go. This gorgeous restaurant is the perfect brunch, lunch, or dinner spot! It was empty when we went for lunch at noon on a Monday. But, I'm sure this place is hopping during a Sunday brunch! Make sure to make a reservation to ensure you get a table during peak times. 


Kittenish | This boutique created by Jessie James Decker is so cool. If you are looking for a cute outfit to go out in or some cute workout clothes this is a great place. I snagged a cute dress for 60% off for only $30. Plus they have a super cute mural in the store so be sure to stop in to at least window shop and snap a pic. 

Blush Boutique | Another fun boutique to shop if you are looking for a going out outfit. Lots of fun pieces and unique things!

Winky Lux | We have a Winky Lux in Chicago but I just think these stores are adorable. Be sure to stop in for cute makeup. 

American Threads | For anyone looking for super cool pieces from brands like Show Me Your Mumu American Threads is a great place to shop! I found an adorable pair of shorts, that I ended up wearing to the Jonas Brothers, for $19! Such a good deal. 

Hippies Two Old | If your style is more eclectic Hippies Two Old is a super cool store. From gifts, knick knacks, to clothing this place has it all! For sure a more western vibe, but it is fun to look around. 

Imogene and Willie | This place is so unique! They hand make denim jeans and have awesome vintage graphic tees. The vibe is super cool! Plus it smelled amazing in there. Not sure what it was but it was on point. 


Explore neighborhoods | There are a ton of neighborhoods in Nashville. From The Gulch, Midtown, East Nashville, and more there are a lot of areas to just walk around. We did a decent amount of exploring on our trip and it was so fun! Be sure to take in the different areas and to see different parts of the city. 

Walk around Broadway | As I said earlier my friend and I are not big fans of drinking or country music. We didn't have the "typical" Nashville experience. But, we did walk around Broadway to say we did it! If you are into country music and bars this will be your heaven. If you're like us, it is still worth it to go down and walk around and see some of the iconic bars and overhear a little country. 

Scout out murals | Nashville has soooo many murals! The photo ops are honestly endless. I'm creating a whole separate post on Nashville photo ops so be on the lookout for that. 

Amelia's Flower Truck | Another highlight of the trip was seeing Amelia's Flower Truck. If you follow any blogger that has gone to Nashville you most likely have seen this flower truck. I have to say it is so cute you just have to get on the bandwagon. You can create your own bouquet or have them make it! We gave them a $10 budget and they created this bouquet for us. It was so pretty and made for super cute pictures. Just do it for the gram people! 

Explore local boutiques | As stated above there are a ton of cool boutiques to shop in during your trip. Be sure to check out some local boutiques to find unique pieces and souvenirs for your trip! One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is shopping at cool local spots. 

See a concert | While in Nashville we saw the Jonas Brothers and it was AMAZING. That was the main reason we went to Nashville. No shame people! Seeing a concert in Nashville is a no brainer. Whether it be country or the Jonas Brothers I highly recommend seeing a show here. The Jonas Brothers brought on Dan + Shay, Marren Morris and Keith Urban were in the audience, and the concert was amazing! Being in Nashville the odds of some music stars arriving I guess are high. That is always a plus and makes the concert a super fun unique experience!

What are your favorite spots in Nashville? Let me know in the comments! 

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