Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sew Cute Travels: Stoney Clover Lane Duffle Bag Review

The newest addition to my Stoney Clover Lane collection is this gorgeous duffle bag. I've never had one of their duffle bags before. But, when I saw this one from the Loveshackfancy collection I knew I had to pick it up. Purple is my favorite color, if you didn't already know, so it was a no brainer. Plus the floral print is oh sew gorgeous. I customized the bag with the Loveshackfancy glitter letters which really complete the entire bag. 

This bag is a great size for a weekend trip or if your me an overnight trip. I used it to pack for a night downtown Chicago. I fit multiple outfits, my Stoney Clover Large pouch for cosmetics, a curling iron, a chunky sweater, and my boyfriends wash bag *because I had to carry it*. It really did fit a ton! I could have easily packed for a weekend in it. It's a great size! Or it would be a great carry on bag on a plane as well. I took it to my recent trip to New York as my carry on bag. It fit in the overhead bin but it hung out a bit. But I think it was because I was in one of the smaller bins at the front of the plane (if you know what I mean). Otherwise I think it would fit fine in the overhead bin! I have yet to put it under the seat but SCL says it will fit under the seat on most airlines. I'd just recommend not stuffing it to capacity to ensure it slides under okay. 

The bag did get a little heavy, but I am also not used to carrying duffles without it being on top of my rolling suitcase. I'm also weak AF so I am not the best person to ask about that! Overall, I love this bag. It's a great size for travel whether it be a weekend trip or if you use it for a carry on item. As always I love the customizable aspect of Stoney Clover bags. Plus, this print is seriously to die for. I've linked this exact bag below for you to shop. 

What is your go-to travel bag? Let me know in the comments! 

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