Saturday, July 9, 2022

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Fall Fashion Favorites


Fall fashion is my favorite! So I rounded up some of the fall clothing pieces I am eyeing from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. To be honest the past few years I have not been super impressed with the clothing items offered. I feel like it is a lot of basic things and nothing that is truly inspiring. The same goes for this year, but I did find a few cute things I am eyeing. I am happy that more pinks and purples were included in the clothing. As you may be able to guess I don't love boring black or grey clothes. Even during the fall and winter I wear color! So all of these cute pink and purple sweaters got me excited! I am also eyeing a few shoes, bags, and jewelry from the sale. I feel like all of these pieces could create a really fun colorful fall wardrobe. 

How would you describe your fall style? Let me know! Shop these fall fashion pieces below.

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