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Stoney Clover Saturday: One Day Sale! 25% off Stoney Clover


Stoney Clover Lane Saturday Sale is almost here! October 29th almost the entire Stoney Clover Lane website will be 25% off. This is their one and only site wide sale for the entire year. So if you have been eyeing something now is the time to purchase! Currently on my wishlist is the items listed above. I sat out of a lot of collections this fall, so I may or may not pick up some things that I missed during the sale. My number one item is the mini keychain wallet in flamingo. I bought a patch to go with it already so now I just need the wallet! + I have a little flamingo moment planned for my next Disney trip in March. I am also eyeing a scrunch bag because I don't have one yet. 

Below are all the SCL items I have been using a lot recently! Mostly the Disney Princess collection, which is included in the sale for the first time ever!!! This is a great time to pick up any Disney items you are looking at. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration on what to pick up!


My classic backpack is one of my favorite items to use at Disney! I paired it with the large Mickey & Minnie patches. My fanny pack is a Nashville exclusive, but you can re-create this look with a classic fanny pack. The MRS patches are flamingo glitter varsity letter patches! 


The cutest Aurora scrunchie! I always wear the scrunchies at Disney to tie back my hair during rides. 


Some of my favorite items to use at Disney! Classic backpack, a small pouch for essentials, and a mini pouch for must haves. 


I use my duffle bag almost every time I travel. It fits under most seats on an airplane as a personal item. I fly Southwest and I have never had an issue! It fits so much. Usually I put 1 large pouch, 1-2 smalls, my laptop, ipad, and other essentials. The luggage tags are underrated! They would make a great gift and are perfect for any bag or suitcase. 


I use the large pouch to hold Minnie ears during Disney trips. Also love using the large pouches to hold my Dyson Airwrap for travel or my headbands/ other hair accessories. Mini pouches I always use to keep essentials for the plane to have for easy access. 

How I pack my toiletries! I use a large pouch with 2 clear travel pouches inside for shampoo, body wash, etc. Then for my makeup I use a textured open top case. It has a mirror which is helpful for doing makeup in a hotel. Then I use a pencil case for my toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Answering some some commonly asked questions I get! 

Q: What item do you get the most use of if you could only have ONE thing? 
A: My most used pouch is the mini by far. It is great for everyday use or travel. Everyday you can use it in your work bag, purse, tote, school bag, gym bag, whatever you are using! I have a mini pouch for daily use to keep things like tissues, lipstick, lip balm, medicine, and other essentials. I also have a mini pouch that I use on the plane to keep all my plane essentials. When I get to my seat I take out the plane pouch and put it in the seat pocket. That way I don't have to dig through my bag to get things while on board! Also, the mini is one of the more affordable pouches. So I think it is a great place to start in general! 

Q: What are your favorite SCL core colors? 
A: Flamingo, grape, and sand. Also like lilac! 

Q: What are your favorite patches? 

Q: Best SCL item to give as a gift? 
A: Okay so I'm going to answer this in multiple parts because why not! Best stocking stuffer I would say is the luggage tag. I think the luggage tag anyone can use. Would make a great affordable gift, they are cute plain or with a patch, and can go with any bag or suitcase someone may already own! Best overall gift I would say is the small pouch. It is a happy medium between mini and large and is a good starter item for someone new or for someone who has a collection! Can be used for lots of different reasons. For someone on a budget I would say the clear travel pouch is also a good option! They are super cute plain and $34 so under $40!

Q: Is it worth the price? What sets it apart? 
A: Here is my thing with Stoney Clover, the quality is amazing! I've had a billion makeup bags prior to really investing in Stoney Clover. They last you a year, they get all gross, then you throw them away and go get another one. I've had some of my Stoney Clover Lane bags/ pouches for 4 years and I still use them! If they are dirty you can wipe them down, the zippers are AMAZING, and overall they just hold up very well.  Prior to SCL I used a Vera Bradley makeup bag and it got so ratchet so quick. But, my SCL bags have held up. I have to mention that I travel A LOT. Normally I travel probably every other week for work and take a personal trip or vacation every three months. So my price per use is much lower. If you travel once every 5 years it may not be worth it. For my case I am constantly traveling, packing, and I have to be organized or I'm a mess! That is also another way I think it is worth the price. Again if you don't travel a ton that may be different for you personally! Also want to mention I never recommend buying something you can't afford. No matter what it is! At the end of the day none of us NEED these pouches. They are fun and help keep us organized but not a necessity. If you are on a budget I suggest starting with a clear travel pouch. It is their most affordable pouch and can be used a ton of different ways! Start there and see if you like the brand then go from there! 

Q: Worried that things will sell out while I shop... any strategy you recommend for shopping? 
A: Last year I believe they "shut the site down" right before the sale launched. But, I would make sure you know EXACTLY what you want going into the sale. Place any items you want in the cart the day before the sale in case your cart will still be there! I honestly don't know if it will but worth the try. Create a Stoney Clover account ahead of time and put in your shipping and billing info for easy checkout. I would also plan on shopping the sale right when it opens (they have not released this time yet!). The earlier you shop the better. If you want items from limited edition collections I'd focus on those first. Core items are less likely to sell out, but still possible. Popular colors I feel like are: sand, noir, flamingo, grape, etc. So if you want those colors I'd also focus on those! If you are SUPER worried I would place two orders. Get your must haves in the first order then go back for more if needed. Obviously you will have to pay the shipping twice but that's a call to make on your end!  

Q: What SCL do you find yourself using the most?
A: I semi answered this already but my top used SCL items are: mini pouch, tote bag, fanny pack, and the clear travel pouch. I used my fanny a TON in the summer and at Disney. It'll be harder to use now that I have to wear a giant parka. I use the tote bag to bring mail to the post office, if I have to run an errand, or for overnight trips! Mini pouch and clear travel pouch I use every time I travel. I have two travel pouches one for toiletries and one for makeup. Then the mini pouches I kind of already explained! But I'd say right now I use those four items the most. It is kind of always changing though! 

Q: I'm new to SCL! What would you recommend for a first time buyer? 
A: This is hard to answer but I can walk you through my progression! 

 1) Start out with mini pouch and small pouch to start. Those were my first two! To save money start without any patches. You can always add patches. But, saving on the embroidery is helpful to keep the cost down. You can also buy patches and glue them on yourself to save money. 
            2) Next I'd recommend the clear pouches like the travel pouch from terry (there is minimal stock left in those though). I reach for those A LOT while traveling now. 
            3) From there I'd go to either fanny pack or large pouch. I use my fanny A LOT but I feel like that is more personal if you like fanny packs or not. The large is good for a big makeup bag to hold everything. But I find the small and a clear travel can also do the trick. 

As a first time buyer I would say you can skip the flat pouches and backpacks. I don't use those as much. I have a lot of old flat pouches I hardly use but I am a hoarder and probably won't ever get rid of them! I think the backpacks are cute but not a NEED in my opinion when first starting out. Unless you really need a backpack for something! I do love the duffles though but they can get pricy. So to summarize my top recommendations for new buyers are mini and small pouches.

Happy shopping everyone! Feel free to DM me on Instagram! 

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