Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blog Haul: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 10th, 2013: 

So, it's that fabulous time of year again..... the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Which, in my opinion, is the way to go for anything fall related. I am super duper excited for the things I purchased. I got a lot of things that I think will last me a long time and also are essentials for college/ fall! 

My Mom has a Nordstrom credit card so we were lucky enough to go on the first day of the early accesses for the sale. So, we browsed around all the tents and found some cute stuff. There were some intense people there let me tell ya. It's the first day of the preview not even the sale and people were running me over for Marc Jacobs. I mean I could see if it was the last day and everything was $10 but it wasn't. But, I still had a good time looking at everything and trying to dodge the intense shoppers. 

P.S. the guy helping me in the shoe department was beyond perfect and gorgeous and if every guy dressed like him the world would be a better place. 

But anyways....

The first thing I got was this pair of Hunter rain boots. These have a quilted detail which makes them different from the original Hunters. I like these a little bit more because they are going to be different then everyone else's which is always good right? I got a size 6 because I wanted to have room for a liner so I can also wear them in the winter time. 

All of the clothing things I got were from the BP section. First piece I got was this oversized sweater. It is super soft and super cozy. Pairing this with skirts and dresses will keep me warm in the cold midwest winters but still be cute. It has a zipper instead of buttons which I thought was unique and it is an oatmeal cream color. 

I can't get this picture to flip but it is the black maxi dress that is sheer after the slip. So your legs are exposed yet covered at the same time..... if that makes any sense. But, I am not sure I will keep this I may try and find something similar at Forever 21 but I do love the dress. 

I really love this tweed jacket. It has a variety of different colors so I think it will match a lot of different things. With a piar of red jeans I think this will be super cute. It has a quilted pleather detail on the shoulders and the cuff of the sleeve. Also it has an asymmetric button up situation in the front. 

This top is going to be perfect for going out. The black lace part is sheer and is low cut without being.... provocative you could say. It is a light blush color with I absolutely love with a pair of skinny jeans and heels I will be good to go with this top.  

Last clothing thing I got was this mens PJ inspired top. I love the oxblood color with the pink piping detail. It has quarter length sleeves and I am always a sucker for a peter pan collar. 

I got this Zella headband because I really like her head bands. They are good quality and go with a lot of different work out clothes I have. 

First pair of boots I got are these black quilted Michael Kors boots. You may be surprised, or maybe not, but these are from the kids section! I have baby feet so I can wear a size 4 in kids. So I got an adult pair of boots and these kid boots. For being kids shoes I thought they didn't look kiddy-ish and they had  the Michael Kors logo on them so for $50 I thought they were pretty cute. 

Next and last thing I got were these gorgeous Michael Kors boots. They are a solid chocolate brown color with a stretchy fabric on the back. Also they have gold hardware which I prefer over silver. Overall they are just a beautiful boot and I would highly suggest them. 


Here are the style numbers of the Hunter rain boots and the Michael Kors brown boots. 


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