Thursday, July 4, 2013

OOTD and A Day in Chicago

July 3rd, 2013:
So, I decided in addition to my outfit of the days I kind of want to share what I did on a certain day. Well, if it is actually interesting. But, this is interesting I promise.

A few of my friends and I decided to head down into Chicago to go the Chicago Institute of Art Museum. My friend is a member there so she was able to get us in for free which was great. The main reason we decided to go was because they had a huge fashion art exhibit. We weren't aloud to take pictures a lot of people got yelled at by security (including us the whole rest of the museum you could take pictures might I add!) so I wasn't able to capture the beauty of everything. However, the paintings, prints, and old magazines were amazing. It was inspiring to see how artists connected fashion into their paintings. Also it was really cool how the museum found the exact dress or a dress similar to a painting and they displayed them right next to each other.

These extremely old dresses had such amazing details and craftsmanship. Something that was shocking also was how tiny the waists were for the mannequins! The corsets they must have had to worn were pretty intense.

The fashion "plates"they called them were also quite interesting. Basically they were old fashion ads that were in very old magazines. But these magazines were bounded and looked a lot like books which was completely different from how ours are today.

Overall, I highly recommend the exhibit to any fashion lover if you are in Chicago. It was a great experience and definitely made me for sure realize how much I really do love and appreciate fashion.

My outfit: It was a rather cold and very rainy day in Chicago so I kept it really casual and I had to wear shoes that were easy to walk in. So I compromised for my favorite colored jeans that are a bright coral or orange color. My denim shirt is my go-to item basically anytime of the year. They truly go with anything and everything. As usual I topped it off with a small statement necklace and a bun to keep my hair from look well to be honest ratchet. 

Were it's from: 
Jeans: Free People (got them on sale for $17 at Dry Goods what a deal!) 
Sperry Top Siders: From Nordstrom (they were limited edition) 
Denim Shirt: Lucky Brand Jeans 
Necklace: J Crew (I got it at the outlet but I saw it at the store still) 
Bun Maker: Urban Outfitters 
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Sunnies: Dry Goods 


The picture on the left is how wet my jeans and Sperry's were after we had to walk back to the train station. Let's just say it was pouring in Chicago. But, luckily we still got to pick up some Garret's Popcorn. If you want my personal order I got a medium Chicago mix and a small Buttery. 

The picture on the right is just the booklet that guided us throw the exhibit. 

My friends and I in front of the bean. The weather was quite lovely at this point so we wondered around Millennium Park for a while. 


Scenes from the Art Museum. The lions were all decked out in Blackhawks helmets might I add. 

We stopped at Cosi for lunch and we all picked some yummy drinks. I got the traditional pizza flat bread with the original crust it was very good.  

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