Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nautical OOTD + H&M Blog Haul

July 16th, 2013:
Yesterday I went to the mall because my friend and I wanted Taco Bell. It's a usual thing that we do. If you are wondering I get the soft steak taco with no tomato and a side of nachos. It's really good. Anyways, we ran into a few stores one being H&M because they had buy two get one free. So, I ended up buying three sweaters for $20. At this point in the summer I am not buying anymore summer clothes because fall is going to be soon and I would rather spend my money on things I can wear in the fall/ winter.

First, here is my outfit of the day.........

The outfit: I was totally going for a nautical look today. So my shirt is striped and has a little anchor patch on the chest. I paired it with a navy circle skirt, a rope belt, and a junky gold necklace. Even my J Crew anchor phone case matched the outfit. That is why I took a mirror selfie. (I normally am not a fan of those but it worked in this case) I styled my hair by starting a french braid down the back of my then just ending it with a pony tail instead of continuing the braid. To finish it I picked out a few pieces in the front.

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Forever 21 (a long time ago!) 
Skirt: Forever 21 
Necklace: H&M 
Belt: Aerie 
Earrings: Nordstrom 
Bracelets: Henri Bendel and Alex and Ani 
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Purse: Michael Kors
Phone case: J Crew 

Blog Haul: 

As I said earlier, H&M was having a really good sale. So these are the few things that I picked up. 

First is this cream sweater. It is a little high low action as well as an exposed zipper in the back. 

The next sweater is a black speckled like fabric. It has a huge opening in the back where I will probably expose a bandeau of some kind. 

This is what I'm considering my free item. But, it is a super fuzzy almost sparkly sweater. I plan on layering a collared shirt underneath so that it peeks out. Also, I will most likely be pairing it with a bunch of different statement necklaces. 

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