Friday, August 2, 2013

Blog Haul: City Shopping

Blog Haul: 
August 2nd, 2013:
Today I went shopping in the city with my friend and this is what I picked up! 

First thing I got was this Urban Outfitters skirt. It was originally $44. I saw it a while ago on sale for $20 but decided not to get it. I'm glad I waited because I got it for $10! Also, they gave me a 10% coupon so basically the tax was free. Overall, it was a pretty good deal. 

Next store I went to was Forever 21. I found a lot of good stuff there. First I got this black and white patterned circle skirt. It fits really well and was only $12. Then this muscle tank...... French fries are my favorite food so I knew I needed this. 

Did you really expect me not to buy something One Direction? This was near the checkout and I had to get it. It is just a 2014 calendar.

These are just some little things. I love these fabric hair ties they were only $3 for 5 hair ties which I thought was pretty good! Also I got these London socks for $1.80. They were super cute so why not. 

Last thing I picked up was this pair of snow boots. I have been wanting a pair like these for a long time. I got them at Akira and they were originally $150 and I got them for $50. Pretty good steal if you ask me. 

The after math........

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