Friday, August 16, 2013

Project Runway Thursday

Project Runway Thursday:
Lexus Team Challenge 

Hey guys! So this is a new series I want to start. Basically I will react to one of my favorite fashion shows Project Runway! I will list the challenge my favorite team and what I thought about everything that happened. 

Challenge: Unconventional. Use materials from vintage wallpaper shop, grocery, or party/ home good store. Teams of 3.
Favorite team: Kate's team was really creative and innovative. They ended up being the top team so I guess I have a good opinion.
Favorite look: I really loved Kate's look and the british guys look. (I am bad with names this season for some reason). They were both innovative, unique, and used the materials in a way that disguises them. Overall there whole collection was super chic and sophisticated. You can clearly see there inspiration and they pulled it off.
Drama queen: Ken. I guess I should say drama king in this case. He was being over dramatic to the MAX. Instead of working with his team all he did was diss them. I like his work but he was being over the top this week! Snap out of it Ken!
Who left: I agree with the judges. I think she should have gone home along time ago. She can't even sew like what the heck!
WTF moment: Sandro randomly pops up! What the heck. Luckily he was just saying goodbye and explaining the situation. So, I guess that is good.

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