Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guess what day it is? BID DAY

Bid Day! 
Hello everyone! This past week has been PURE madness. Rush week was super busy so I did not have time to blog basically all week. But I am in back in action. So, here is my Bid Day experience. Obviously every school does something different but I will tell you a little bit about my experience. 

So we went to our quad if you want to call it that and we were given an envelop with our bid. However we couldn't open it until a certain time which was pure torture. 
I am a new pledge to Pi Beta Phi sorority! I couldn't be more happier and could not have asked for a better sisterhood to join. 

After we got our bids you basically run to meet up with your new sorority. Then shortly after you run again through our clock tower to meet up with your new sisters. We also got basically a big sister ours is called our "Guardian Angel". So, they just show us the ropes and tell us what is going on basically. 

One crazy thing is that my best friend and I ended up in Pi Phi together. She is in the picture on the left. We didn't tell each other our preferences so it was a complete surprise. It's funny because I always called her my sister and now we really are Pi Phi sisters! 

Here are just some bid day pictures. After we got our bids we went back to the house for pictures, pledging, and dinner it was super fun and overall a great experience. 


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