Thursday, April 17, 2014

Be a Rent the Runway rep!

Are you interested in fashion, PR, or event planning? Are you on a college campus or university? Looking to get involved with a super cool and fun brand? 

Well I have the thing for you! 
As many of you may know I am a rep for Rent the Runway on campus. It is a great experience that any college student interested in fashion should take advantage of! There are a variety of positions that can cater to a lot of different majors. From marketing, PR, event planning, or fashion there is something for everyone. 

As a rep you not only get great experience but also a lot of perks! From coupon codes to Capstone Weekend there are tons of ways you can benefit from this campus rep program. 

To apply simply click here and be sure to put my name (Miranda Pollitt) under the section who referred you! 

If you have ANY questions at all feel free to comment below or contact me through my Facebook page! 


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