Friday, April 18, 2014

Rainy Day Movie Ideas!

April showers bring April movie nights!

So, at some point in the spring we all end up sitting at home on a Saturday night because its raining and it is still kind of cold and crummy out. However, there is one thing I love to do on rainy days.... watch movies of course! 

So get some popcorn popping, a nice cold diet coke in your hand, and a few bags of candy ready for your very own movie night. Whether you are with your boyfriend (ha me with a boyfriend thats funny!) or with your gal pals, or a big group of friends here are my top rainy day movie picks! 

1. The romantic dramatic route: Sometimes you just need to cry. Well, I feel like that sometimes I don't know about you..... My two favorite movies to cry to have to be Charlie St. Cloud and Stuck in Love. I recently watched Stuck in Love for the first time on Valentines day when I was being alone and sad. But, it is actually such a great movie. It really pulls on your heart strings no matter who you are! Also can we please discuss Logan Lerman YUM! Speaking of yummy Zac Efron stars in Charlie St. Cloud so if that isn't enough reason for you to watch it I don't know what is. However, this movie makes me cry every single time! Between the brother and Zac's character it just gets me. Stuck in Love is available on Netflix so if you have that you are golden!

{Why hello Zac Efron <3}

2. 80's classics: I am a huge fan of 80's movies! My top favorites have to be Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Dirty Dancing. So if you are in the mood for a fun but also deep movie these are all good picks! Sixteen Candles is also probably the funniest thing ever. 

{Jake Ryan is such a cutie! Can't even deal}

3. Straight up hilarious: I am a HUGE fan of romantic comedies and comedies in general. It is very hard to narrow down my favorites. So I won't narrow them down and I'll tell you most of them: Brides Maids (if you haven't seen this what are you doing with your life?), Horrible Bosses (straight up the best movie ever), The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds YUM), She's the Man (classic Amanda Bynes flick), and finally Pitch Perfect (no description needed). 
4. Fashion obsessed: My two favorite fashion flicks are Devil Wear's Prada and Confessions of a Shopoholic. They are super funny and have literally the best clothes out of any movie EVER! 
{Miranda Priestly is my spirit animal}

5. Reminiscing on childhood: Sometimes you think of those GREAT movies that you watched when you were in the 5th grade. Some of my personal favorites are the Lizzie McGuire Movie, Princess Diaries, Parent Trap, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Sleepover. These three are great girls night in movies that will make you miss the 90's/ early 2000's and hair scrunchies. Also if you are feeling nostalgic any Disney classic is a good bet! 

Those are my top rainy day movie picks! But these movies are great even if it isn't raining. Comment below if you watch any of these on your raining day movie night!!


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