Monday, April 21, 2014

Blog Haul: J Crew madness

J Crew Madness 
The obsession is real......

On my way home for the weekend we pass by a J Crew factory store.  Essentially I am very obsessed with J Crew recently. Most of the stuff I have been wearing is from J Crew. I love how everything is super fun and cute but also very classic and sophisticated. 

So naturally I had to stop in! It was a huge shopping success. With the whole store being 50% off its a very dangerous place. And I picked up for some great things for great prices! 

I picked up some AMAZING jewelry pieces! I got a huge statement necklace for only $17! Then both of the bracelets were around $10 and the earrings were $13. These are all super great deals for J Crew jewelry. I almost died I was so excited. 

My favorite piece is for sure the pearl bracelet. I have the matching necklace so they will be a perfect pair. 

Here are all of the clothing pieces I also picked up! The clothing haul includes 2 pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, an anchor denim button down, and a embroidered style top. One of the pants has a super great pattern with blues, greens, and pinks. Also, I picked up a fun pair of seersucker pants that will be great for spring. Then I couldn't pass up a fun pair of plaid shorts for only around $20. 
The anchor button down shirt may be my new obsession also. It is totally my style! Also, it feeds my nautical obsession...... which is good and bad at the same time. Then I got another fun top that is white with a printed embroidered pattern. 


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