Friday, April 4, 2014

March Favorites

Well my favorites might not be mad but here they are! 

March was kind of a crazy month! It was packed with activities, fun, and lots of Pi Phi things which is always the best. Here is a break down of my favorite things of March.

1. Formal: The biggest event for any sorority girl is formal of course! I had a super fun time at my formal wearing one of my favorite dresses from Betsey Johnson of course. 

2. The night before spring break: This night was probably one of my favorite of the semester! I won't go into details but it was a really great night of college. 

3. Spring break: Break was a super nice well break! I may not have been laying on a beach but I did lay on my couch for a week which was good enough for me. Sometimes it is nice to just sleep in your own bed and be able to hop in your car whenever you want. 

4. Frozen: I don't think I need to explain this.... but basically frozen is the best movie ever. 

5. Greek Week: Greek Week was such a great experience! It was super fun to be with everyone from the community. You can check out my post about it here: Greek Week post

6. Oxford shirts and pearls: For fashion favorites these are for sure my two favorite things. I have been wearing my Ralph Lauren slim oxfords a lot this month. They virtually go with everything. Basically every girl needs one in her wardrobe. I have a blue and a white one now and I plan to expand the collection. Also, I have been loving my new J Crew pearl necklace. It is a great bold but classic piece. 

7. Iowa State Basketball: This month was a good month to be an Iowa State basketball fan! We won the Big 12 conference and also made it to the Sweet 16. Although we did loose I am still so happy that we made it so far in March Madness. 

Those are my March favorites! What did you love in the month of March? 
(Also, isn't it crazy it's already April??? It's almost summer :) ) 


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