Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dose of Disney: Best shoes to wear to Disney

For me, shoes are a very important part of a Disney outfit. If your shoes aren't comfortable, you are in for a long long day at the parks. So, here are my go-to shoes to wear at the parks..... 

Keds | Keds are the perfect sneaker for the parks. They are cute enough to match your Disney outfit, but are still comfortable to walk around all day. I've been wearing Keds to the parks for sometime and my feet have never hurt from them! 

Vans | This trip I got a new pair of Disney Vans and I have to say I really like them! They are super comfortable and had a cute Toy Story print. 

Nike | Nike sneakers are always nice to have if your feet are hurting midway through your trip. I pair mine with outfits I'm wearing leggings or something more casual. Any athletic sneakers are nice to have just in case your feet are dying or you get a blister on your trip. 

Jack Rogers | Normally I only wear Jack Rogers for shopping at Disney Spring or for a nice dinner. I wouldn't recommend wearing sandals to the parks, unless you aren't planning on doing a lot of walking. Personally, I think sneakers are more comfortable, but it's all a personal preference! But, I do suggest bringing one or two pairs of cute sandals for Disney Spring shopping and any fancy dinners you may have planned.

What are your go-to shoes to wear at Disney? Let me know in the comments! 

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