Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dose of Disney: Where to shop at Disney Springs!

The last time I was at Disney, Disney Springs was completely under construction. So, this time around I was so excited to go shop and see what the new Disney Springs had to offer. I have to say I was impressed! The architecture was gorgeous and there were some pretty amazing views around the area. I love this little lagoon area (pictured above)! 

As for shopping, Disney Springs majorly stepped up there game. Here are a few of my top must sees on stores to visit at Disney Springs. 

World of Disney | While at Disney Springs you have to make the customary trip to the World of Disney. All though this store is usually a mess (aka a TON of people everywhere) it is still worth it to take a look around. Sometimes they have items not at the park so be sure to take a quick lap! Also, if your looking for a specific item that was out of stock at the parks, they might have it there. 
Disney Co-Op Area | The Co-Op area was for sure one of the highlights! The Co-Op area has a few different stores within one larger store. From Dooney Bourke Disney purses, house wares, to customized phone cases this place has it all. They have super unique items, and I wanted everything (naturally). This is defiantly the place to get great souvenirs and gifts! 

TrenD | TrenD is a great place to find more trendy apparel (get it TrenD?) and non Disney apparel as well. This is the place to get Disney items that are a little more then just a t-shirt. You can also usually find super cute accessories as well! 

D Living | D Living was giving me major envy! The whole store is a home decor store with, I'm assuming, a changing theme. While we were there, of course, it was Beauty and the Beast. Naturally, I was in heaven! I'm going to do a separate little post on the D Living store because you just have to see the inside. It was heaven for a BATB fan and a visual merchandiser at heart. 

UNIQLO | This is the place to get adorable Disney tees for under $15. You heard that right! All of their Disney collection is under $15! With the exception of sweatshirts and things like that. They had so many cute designs it was hard choosing. I wish I could get one of each. I ended up with two shirts from their Beauty and the Beast collection then a Goofy football shirt. If your looking for affordable, but cute, Disney apparel look no further then UNIQLO. 

Levi's | I saw the Levi's store on Abby Corkins's Instagram story and I had to check it out. (p.s. if you aren't following her on Instagram you should!) They have a whole area where you can customize any of their denim. From jackets to shorts to jeans the can do whatever! With a huge selection of patches, both Disney and non Disney, this is the place to be if your obsessed with the denim jacket + flair trend, like I am. But, I picked up something super special! They had a rack full of embroidered denim jackets that all had Beauty and the Beast themed embroidery. I ended up picking up the jacket that had Beauty and the Beast in french on the back plus embroidered Mrs. Potts and Chip. Basically the jacket of my dreams. Levi's is for sure worth the stop, even just to look around. 

Kate Spade | If you know me you know I love Kate Spade. The Kate Spade at Disney Springs was gorgeous! My mom and I had so much fun looking at the new spring items. Also, they sell the Disney collection Kate Spade has in this store. 

Lilly Pulitzer | Obviously, you have to stop at the Lilly store as well! Although they don't have any exclusive apparel that is Disney related it's still a must see. Also, it gives you a chance to pick up an outfit for the parks or for dinner if you need to!

Melissa | I visited the Melissa store in London and it was so cool! Although this store is much smaller they have the Disney Melissa collaboration, which I love. Sadly the shoes did not fit me so great. One was to small the other just a bit to big. So, I walked out empty handed. But, if you can fit into them they are so so comfortable! They also have regular Melissa shoes in the store as well.

Coca Cola Store | Lastly, go to the Coca Cola store for a view over Disney Springs on the third floor. They also have a bar up there where you can get a wide variety of drinks. Also, it is so funny to see all of the merchandise they have. Who knew you could put Coca Cola on so many things. 

Isn't the view from the Coca Cola store amazing? It is for sure a must see while at Disney Springs! 

Where are your favorite places to shop while at Disney Springs? Let me know in the comments! 

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