Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lancome Product Review

Recently I received the a Lancome box from Inflenster to review a few of Lancome's Teint Idole collection. I have to say, some of these products have become my favorites! So, today I'm going to review these products and tell you which ones were hits and which were misses. 

First up is the Lancome Le Mettalique Metallic Lip Laquer. I wasn't expecting the product to be so metallic. But, boy I was wrong! This gives you a very intense metallic look. For me personally, I can't wear this color on an everyday basis. It's a little too dramatic for me. Most days I wear a nude or pink shade lip, so this metallic shade was very different for me. It gives almost a chrome finish. So, for that reason it wasn't my favorite. It may be fun to wear once in a while but it isn't going to be a new go-to for me. 

Next up, concealer. I really liked this Teint Idole Ultra Wear concealer. I got both the concealer and foundation in the lightest color available. I will say I could have gone a little darker, but I think that is because my face got some color while I was in Florida. But, this concealer is a great full coverage option. When I say full coverage I mean it! This concealer is intense and can cover up anything. My skin has behaving itself pretty well recently, so I haven't had to use it too much. However, this is a great product. But, if you are looking for a more sheer coverage, this isn't the concealer for you. 

Now to highlighter. I've been loving this click highlighter! I received a gorgeous glowing pink tinted shade and I've been using it everyday. It gives you a super subtle glow. I'd say its more of a glow then a highlight. It's super pretty though! 

Last we have foundation. Not going to lie, I was disappointed I got the stick foundation at first. But, it surprisingly gives you a lot of coverage. It is a little drying, but I mix it with a little bit of liquid foundation and it works great. This stick foundation gives you great coverage and it's super easy to apply. I've been using it everyday and it has become a new favorite of mine! 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

I was sent this products to review by Influenster and Lancome. All opinions are my own. Thank you to brands like Influenster who support Sew Cute Style. Images courtesy of Influenster and Lancome. 

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