Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dose of Disney: Disney Booze, what to drink at Epcot

Drinking around the world is becoming Epcot's claim to fame amongst 21-year-olds everywhere. I mean drinking a traditional alcoholic beverage from around the world in one place does sound appealing. And also like a massive hangover. I took a different approach and drank some lovely drinks around the world at Epcot, but I didn't drink in every country. There are for sure some yummy beverages exclusive to the Flower and Garden festival! But, there are also some great drinks available all year round. 

U.K. | Flower and Garden Festival Ciders: In the U.K. I had some special ciders that were at the Flower and Garden food stand and they were amazing!! The U.K. is obviously the place to go for beer or cider anytime of the year. 
France | Flower and Garden La Vie en Rose slush, Champagne: During the Flower and Garden Festival I found my new favorite drink the La Vie en Rose slush. Guys it is amazing!!! Now when I go to the bars at school I'm going to want to ask for that and people will think I am crazy. But, it is so so good! France is also the place to get a glass of champagne in their wine store towards the back of the country. 
Italy | Sangria: Sangria in Italy is to die for! You can get it at the sit down restaurants. I usually go for the white sangria but I'm sure the red is just as good. 

Although I didn't drink a ton at Epcot, these were some of my favorites. If you plan to drink around the world be sure to be safe! Also, remember there are children around and to be conscience of your surroundings. 
What is your favorite drink at Epcot? Let me know in the comments! 

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