Monday, January 8, 2018

Stoney Clover Lane x Target REVIEW

Stoney Clover Lane has made a few appearances on my blog, but today I have some exciting new things to share from the brand. On Stoney Clover Lane's Instagram they recently announced a collection they launched with Target. This is HUGE for them and I am so happy that they are in such a huge retailer. 

I love shopping small and finding unique brand that not everyone knows about. Stoney Clover Lane is one of those brands. They create amazing pouches, patches, bags, and more! I originally found them because they made adorable acrylic bracelets with vintage Liberty print fabric ties. They have a Disney collection at the Four Seasons Orlando and I picked up a few things from them there. Since then the company has grown a TON and now offers so much more then just bracelets. 

Their pouches are great for traveling/ everyday. I keep this mini pouch (pictured above) in my bag as a makeup bag. It is the perfect size for me. But, I also have a small pouch in the same pink patent color that is great for traveling. They also have large pouches that are also great to throw in your travel bag to keep you organized. The best part about Stoney Clover is all of the customization options. I have always opted for a M patch on everything. But, you could put your name a phrase or anything you want! They also have patches with a wide variety of designs from emojis to stars. 

But, today I am talking about their collab with Target! They collabed with Target to create a phone case pocket, patches, and pouches. I picked up the phone case pocket and three patches (so far) and I am loving them! I placed the phone pocket on the back of my case and I'm currently keeping my Ventra card (aka the bus/ train card for Chicago) in there. I'm always misplacing it or leaving it in a bag so I thought this would be the perfect place for it. On top of the pocket I placed one of the Target patches which is a holographic diamond. I also got a fun flamingo and a holographic star! These a great quality for the price!! Normal Stoney Clover Lane is about $10 per patch and up to $30-50 per pouch. So, to get patches for under $3 is great! The best part is they are super sticky so no sewing required. I've had my diamond patch on my phone case for a few days now and it has not budged. 

I would 100% recommend these products to anyone! A lot of phone case pockets I have seen from Kate Spade and other brands are $30+. While this one is under $10!!! Plus you can pick it up at Target, so it is a win-win. 

Some of the collaboration's items are sold out online. But, they are hitting stores soon, if not they are already in your local Target! Keep up with Stoney Clover Lane on social media for re-stock updates. They are super great about posting details and info on their stories. 

If you are wondering about my ears, they are from Shop House of Mouse! She uses Stoney Clover Lane initial patches on her denim ears and I am obsessed. 

Where it's from: 
Phone case pocket: Target
Patches (diamond & flamingo): Target

Have you heard of Stoney Clover Lane? Be sure to check out their collection at Target now! 

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