Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 After Party Sale Tips!

The Lilly After Party Sale is TOMORROW! Time to get ready and prep for one of the biggest sales of the year. I have done a ton of posts in the past on the Lilly After Party Sale (which are linked below!), but today I'm going to share the basic information you need to know to shop the sale. 

  1. Create an account | This is the number one thing you MUST DO if you are planning on shopping online. Create an account and have your credit card information stored in your profile along with your shipping address. This makes checking out so much quicker, and helps you guarantee you can checkout with everything still in your cart! Items in your cart are not reserved, so they can disappear if it takes you to long to checkout. By having your information stored you can get in and out quickly and get everything in your cart! 
  2. Make a shopping list | I take inventory before every sale and note what I already have, and what I may be looking for. For example, you might need a dress for an event so make a note to look for one. If you know you already have enough shorts or tees focus on other items in the sale. Creating a shopping list will make it easier to sift through all of the items, especially if you are shopping online! There is so much to look at it gets overwhelming. By having a list you can stay focused on what you need or for a particular item you are looking for. Along these same lines, make a list of the sizes you wear. Know what short, dress, and top size you are! Also, make note of your favorite style names that way you can search for them specifically to see if there are any on sale! 
  3. Shop in person if possible | Lilly's new thing is to have a pre-shopping day the day before the actual sale hits online. I went to this the last sale and it was very much worth it! There was a huge selection and I hardly bought anything online because I found everything in store. I did wait in a long line, but generally the winter sale is not as popular and not as large. So, I'm hoping not to wait in a line outside the store in -10 degree weather. The pre-shopping event starts tomorrow at 9am in Lilly stores! You can also shop the sale the 3rd and 4th in store as well! If this is your first time shopping try and make it to a store so you can try everything on. After Party Sale purchases are final sale so you cannot return them if they don't fit! 
  4. Shop throughout the sale | New items are constantly being added. So, if you can't make it to shop online or in person right when the sale opens don't sweat it. There is plenty of items and a ton of time to shop. I'm thinking of not signing on right when it opens just to save myself the pain of waiting in the queue! But, if you want to be hardcore set those alarms and be all logged in and ready to go. Lilly announces when they add new items on Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow them on social media for updates. 

Here are my last four Lilly After Sale shopping posts for you to reference! 

What are you planning on purchasing from the Lilly sale? I'm not planning on a big haul this time around, but I say that every time so we will see how it goes.... Good luck and happy shopping! 

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