Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter 2018 Lilly After Party Sale Haul

It's that time of year again, my Lilly After Party Sale Haul post is here! This year I really didn't go crazy. Well I didn't think I did until I made this post but whatever. This year I really only got pieces I loved/ were a really great price. 

The first piece I really loved I picked up in store on the second day of the sale. I love this alpaca printed romper. I'm obsessed with this adorable print!! The colors are so pretty and the alpaca is just so dang cute.  Also, the fabric is super casual so it would be great for vacation or even as a pool cover-up. Next up is this basic pink tank, which I scored for $24! This top will go with so many Lilly prints, so it is super versatile. And for $24 it was such a steal. 

Next up is another great find, this sweater tank was $19. Seriously, what??! $19 that is ridiculous! I'm sure it was a fluke that I got it for that cheap, but I'm not complaining. Then I picked up this basic navy scalloped skort, which again will be a great versatile piece to wear with Lilly tops. 

The last sale I really wanted this shell printed two piece set, but resisted. But, this time I went for it because it is so cute! I love the scallops (if you couldn't tell from the two other scalloped things I bought....). Plus you can wear the pieces separate if you really wanted too! For my last piece I got another scalloped skort in this fun yellow flower print. This skort will be perfect for casual summer looks. 

To be completely honest I wasn't really in love with any of the pieces this sale. The last sale I found soooo many things I wanted, while this one not so much. Obviously I still found some things, but I'm usually interested in way more pieces. But, the winter sale is usually smaller. So that is most likely why. Most of the prints just weren't my favorite, and I didn't really see any dresses I loved either. This time around there wasn't anything I was particularly looking for as well. But, all in all still found a few great pieces I am excited about! 

What did you pick up from the sale? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I love that two piece set. I was alright with this sale but not wowed like the previous one. I wish I would have picked up that pink tank top and I’m kicking myself for it. I did however get a luxletic skort, and the Jane Shift dress I’ve been eyeing.