Friday, April 17, 2020

Dose of Disney: Toy Story Bo Peep Bound

For Color Me Magic's stay home Disneybound challenge I created this Bo Peep Toy Story Disneybound! If you didn't already know Disneybounding is when you create an outfit that is inspired by a Disney character. I like to take a very subtle approach with Disneybounding. Usually I pick up colors within the character or their outfit to draw inspiration. For this look I drew inspiration from the original Bo Peep. She had pink, white, and light blue in her outfit. Also, she had a bonnet on her head. With this I created this super girly look! I wore this gorgeous pink dress with puff sleeves to mimic her girly vibes. Then I wore this blue jewel encrusted headband to bring a pop of blue and add a head accessory. 

Just glancing at this look you wouldn't think it was Disney inspired! That's what I love about Disneybounding, it can be super subtle. I'd wear this look to a bridal shower, Easter brunch or dinner, or any spring gathering! Obviously right now we aren't doing any gatherings but you can still dress up and pretend! 

Who is your favorite Toy Story character? Mine is probably Bullseye! Let me know your favorite in the comments. 

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