Monday, April 20, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Office Inspiration

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new series I'm starting called Sew Cute Home. Currently we are in the process of finding an apartment. I know great timing on our end. But, the time has come and we are on the apartment hunt. Something on my wishlist for our next place is a home office. I work from home year round, except when I'm not traveling. Yes quarantine life is pretty much the same as my normal work routine! But, I get to get out a little bit more. 

In today's Sew Cute Home post I'm sharing my inspiration for my hopefully soon to be home office. Some of these pieces I actually already own! So I pulled this room together with items I already had plus what I know I am looking at. 

First up the items I already have, we'll start with this sectional sofa. My boyfriend had this in his place in PA so we are bringing it to the next place. We are putting it in our hopefully spare bedroom aka my office for an extra place to hangout. I actually usually work from the couch so hence a couch in my home office. It all connects I swear! I want to add some super cute pillows to it to spice it up. Most likely will pick those up from Home Goods. For the most part all of our little decorations are from places like Home Goods! In my opinion they have the best selection when it comes to finishing touch pieces. The sofa itself is from Wayfair and is super sleek and mid century inspired. You'll notice as I post more about our future place we love a good mid century theme. I for sure would recommend this couch for anyone currently planning on their future apartment or starter home. I think it's a great size and can fit lots of people if needed. 

Next up is my IKEA Alex system. If you watched beauty Youtubers back in the day everyone in their brother had these drawers. I have both the tall Alex drawer set then the desk that features the Alex drawers. Both of these are great for storage. I have a lot of stuff from stationery supplies to jewelry. This drawer system really works well for storing those kind of items! There are also drawer inserts I bought at IKEA for them that I think were around $5. Helps give you extra organization within your drawers! I also use these containers from Target in some of the drawers. Either work! I will be taking these from my bedroom at home to the future apartment. 

The last piece I already own is my pipe rack. My boyfriend actually made mine though! We bought all of the pipe at Home Depot then painted it white. So, it isn't exactly like this one but it is very close. I actually prefer my handmade rack so if you have someone handy that can help you with it go for it! Another pro of making your own is you can customize the size to fit your space. We also made my a little taller so I could hang dresses and other long items from it. I love a good clothing rack because it can be decorative but also functional. 

Now for some fun new additions I am looking at purchasing! I will probably hold off on buying anything until we know exactly what place we are getting. Just so we can have exact dimensions and what not. But, I am dying to get this IKEA storage system. I am totally inspired by teresalaucar on Instagram for this closet system! Her interiors are such an aesthetic so be sure to check her out. This system I feel like can be super functional but also very pretty. As I've said I have a lot of stuff. So the trick is to find ways to store things but also make it visually appealing. This system I think does that! I'm planning to do some regular drawers, glass drawers, then probably some glass shelves. The glass shelves I think are perfect for displaying designer handbags or your jewelry. I will probably opt out of the clothing rack since I have my own free standing rack. Plus, the place I think we are going to get has a ton of closet storage so I don't think hanging space will be an issue! 

Something I desperately need is an office chair. I've just never found one that I love. But, I am really loving this gold and grey chair. It's from Walmart believe it or not, and is reasonably priced. To be honest my desk is kind of a dumping ground. I never really loved sitting at a desk to do work. Normally I move around the house as the day goes on while I work. Most of the time I sit on the couch though. 

I've added a few random accessories into the mix to spice up the space. I am wanting to go for a neutral space with pops of pink and probably a little purple. For sure want to get some sort of pink pastel or bright pink oriental style rug. Wayfair has a ton of options that are at great prices. I for sure want some sort of ottoman in the space. I love this little faux fur option for something fun! Then I've also included a simple gold side table and pink lamp. Lamps I usually pick up from Home Goods again but I think this pink one is darling! Then to finish off the space I need some sort of floor length mirror. That Anthropologie mirror is tempting but who is trying to spend $800 on a mirror? Not me! So, we may be compromising to a more simple design. But for sure want it to work for mirror selfies for try on sessions! 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my office inspiration! Hopefully we will move into our new place soon and I can share more home and decorating content. 

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