Monday, April 27, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Home Accessories

I am in full planning mode for my boyfriend and I's apartment! Currently I am finding random home accessories for my office and potentially around the house. We'll see what my boyfriend agrees too... Probably not going to be for the bow mirror anywhere but my office.

I've always loved acrylic or clear organizational tools. Currently I already own this clear headband organizer! It's great because it has storage in the middle so you can keep scrunchies or hair ties there then your headbands wrapped around the outside. This little scrunchie holder is also super cute! Would be perfect to sit on a desk or in your bathroom. Next up on the topic of clear is this super cute calendar. It has attachments you can add like a pen cup to keep all of your things organized! A clear tray can be great for any room, I love these to keep items on a couch or ottoman. Throw things like your remotes on here to keep your items organized and chic. Then of course these gorgeous clear hangers. I think I am going to pick these up for my clothing rack in my office. That way all the hangers are cohesive!

Everyone in their brother seems to have these iPhone stands. I think I am going to jump on the bandwagon. The style I was eye is now sold out but I found this other cute pink option! Other cute pink things I found include two pink storage containers. This basket with pom poms is adorable for really anything! Then I've been loving these peach containers to organize my desk drawers.

For wall decor that's functional I love this bow mirror or classic message board. This bow mirror would be perfect for any girly space. A message board is also a fun way to spice up a desk or office space. You can stick inspirational quotes, pictures of family or friends, or even create a mood board.

Are you currently trying to spice up your home, now that we are spending so much time there? Let me know what rooms you are working on in the comments! 

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