Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Bedroom Inspiration

The next room in my home inspiration series is our bedroom! Pretty much everything you see here we already own. But I wanted to lay it all out to see the room all together. For our bedroom we wanted it to be light and bright. Our sitting area in the main living space is a little darker so I wanted to make sure this was nice and bright! 

For the major furniture pieces we kept with the same mid century modern feel that is throughout the rest of our rooms. We picked out these night stands and this dresser that feel very 60's. These big furniture pieces were in my boyfriends previous apartment while he lived in PA. We are now taking them to the next place! Our first place in Chicago didn't have a bed frame and we just had an IKEA dresser and night stand. When we were shopping for the next place we knew we wanted something a little nicer and stylish. Plus our Chicago bedroom was pretty small which wouldn't really allow for a big bed frame. I love this one because of the tufted headboard that was a major must have for me! The fabric is very neutral so it would match any comforter or bedding. The wood on all three of these pieces is pretty much an exact match! It's a between a dark wood and a lighter color so it's a nice compromise. 

Our accent color for the space is navy and blue. The exact bedding we have is from Pottery Barn, but is no longer available. It may be because we bought it in the fall and they are now showing lighter bedding options. So, I will for sure share it if it becomes available again! But this comforter is a close match to what we have. Ours is navy and white, but is reversible! During the summer I think we will keep it white than switch to navy for the fall and winter. We have pillow from the old apartment that are white and blue. We'll have to see how the look with the headboard though! Most of our pillows are from Home Goods or random places. In my opinion Home Goods is the best place for random decor pieces like pillows or throws. 

One throw blanket I do recommend is this tassel blanket from Nordstrom. It's a great price and it is usually included in site wide promotions or the anniversary sale. Other accessories we included in this space are ginger jars. I love ginger jars, don't ask me why I just do. We have a pair of ginger jar lamps that we got from Home Goods that are Ralph Lauren. But, I've linked a similar lamp option! In addition to the lamps we also have some regular ginger jars that we keep on our dresser. From you guessed it Home Goods! I'm telling you if you ever want to redecorate Home Goods is a great place to start. 

The finishing touches for this room that we don't currently own are a rug and some sort of decorative shelf. I love this gold mirrored shelf. We have a lot of knick knacks if you will so I'd love a place to display pictures and other trinkets. Then I want some sort of oriental inspired rug to tie the room together. Looking at rugs with blue and neutral tones. 

What does your bedroom decor look like? Let me know in the comments! 

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