Friday, May 1, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Living Space Inspiration

Hello friends! Today is move in day! We are officially moving into our new place and our lease starts today. I am so excited to get into our place and start decorating. For today's Sew Cute Home post I am sharing the inspiration for our main living area. This space will be our dining room and family room combination.

In this space we have a fire place which is legit so cool to me! I can't wait to decorate that as well as the rest of the space. Most of the furniture you see here we already own and will be moving into our place immediately. I'll start off with our couches. We had these in our first Chicago apartment and I love them. They are seriously so comfortable, I even slept on it once and I can vouch for their comfiness. They are a dark grey almost tweed looking material. I get all the Mad Men vibes from them because it almost reminds me of a suit. Plus they are mid century modern inspired. We have both the couch and the chaise lounge from this collection. Depending on space we may not use the chaise but we are just going to have to get in there and see what the situation is honestly.

Then we have these faux marble coffee and side tables. With gold accents it adds a little bit of glamour to the space for me. I do kind of want to get an ottoman so it's more comfortable to put your feet up but we will see! For now these will work great. To go on top we have these super cute gold lamps with a glass shade. They give a ton of light which is ideal since our place doesn't have much overhead lighting. Which is so weird why do apartments do this? Anyway, we also have the matching floor lamp that we will use in the space.

Currently we have two TV stands this white one then a stand from IKEA. We are not sure on spacing so we are going to have to see what fits and what doesn't. There is a particular wall we have to put the TV on so it will all depend on that! But I love the TV stand shown above. It has great storage if needed or you can use the shelves for decor. If you have a boyfriend the Xbox games will live on the shelves.

Next up the dining room. This is where we will have to buy furniture. We don't have a dining set as the table we had in the last place was just too big and a little beat up. I want to get something with a mid century modern vibe but with comfy seats. Right now we are leaning towards this 4 piece set so we can have room for guests. That is one thing we are still on the hunt for!

For decor we ordered these great framed pictures from Frame Bridge. You can use this link to get 15% off your order at Frame Bridge! We've now ordered twice from there and I love how they turn out. We plan on ordering a few new framed photos each year as we take new photos. Then we'll have a giant wall collected! In addition we have some black and white prints my boyfriend has collected. They are architecture prints of cities he has visited or lived. Those will go somewhere in this space too! We also have a yarn wall hanging we picked up at home goods. It has grey, cream, and a little black which matches the couches. This will also be coming to our new place. Here is a similar option. A few finishing touches like gold accessories will round out the space. Currently we already have this cute gold ball and a white and gold globe.

That pretty much rounds out our living space inspiration! I cannot wait to work on our spaces and share with you all soon.

What is your decorating style? Let me know in the comments!

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