Friday, May 8, 2020

Stoney Clover Lane Shopping Guide


Stoney Clover has been an obsession of mine for quite sometime. Now lot's of people are hopping on the Stoney Clover Lane train and I am here for it. They deserve all the attention because their products are seriously the best. I use them every time I travel, which isn't a lot recently. BUT once I get back into the travel game I can wait to use them all again. So in this post I wanted to go over all of my Stoney Clover products with you! From what I use them for to my recommendations I'll share it all. 

OPEN TOP POUCH | My open top pouch is from the Lele Sadoughi x Stoney Clover Lane collection. It was mainly created as a headband holder but can be used for many purposes! Currently I use it to display my favorite Lele Sadoughi headbands of the moment. I keep it out on display so I can see it everyday. This is a great item to purchase during quarantine in particular because you can use it right away! Displaying this on your vanity or in your room would be so cute. When traveling I put my headbands and other accessories in here. You could also easily use this as a makeup bag because it has a mirror inside which is a great feature. 

MINI POUCH | The mini pouch hands down is one of my most used pouches. I have a few styles one of which I will talk about below. My main mini pouch I use is my plane pouch. I keep all my plane essentials in it to have easy access during my flights. I'll pop the pouch in the back pocket of the seat so everything is right at my finger tips. In this pouch I keep hand sanitizer, medicine, extra headphones, lip balm, and other random essentials. Creating a plane pouch is awesome especially for longer flights. If you had kids you could make a mini pouch for each of them to keep their plane essentials in even! I also have a mini pouch I keep in my purse. It is the pink patent one you saw above. In this more everyday use pouch I put a mini deodorant, tissues, lipstick, lip balm, extra medicine, etc! 

CLEAR MINI POUCH | A recent addition to my collection is the clear mini pouch. I love their clear pouches because it makes it so easy to see everything. Right now I am using my clear pouch in my everyday bag. I keep my lip products and hand sanitizer in the pouch and throw it in my purse. This lets me keep my hand sanitizer contained incase it leaks! You could also easily put makeup or skincare products in here for travel. 

DUFFLE BAG | Stoney Clover makes a great duffle bag! Not only are they cute and colorful but they hold a ton. Let's be honest I see a lot of not so cute duffles at the airport. These duffles are a major upgrade! My duffle is from the Loveshackfancy collection which I'll talk about down below. It is a great weekender bag or for a carry on. It fits under the seat or in the overhead bin in my experience. I've used it for a short weekend trip and it held everything I needed. It has a shorter strap or the crossbody strap. So lots of options on how you want to carry it! 

TOTE BAG | Okay guys.... I freaking love Stoney Clover's new tote bag. This had been in the making for a while and I am so glad they came out with these. I have two tote bags one from their limited edition Cozy collection then a grape tote from their core collection. These bags have so many uses. From carrying random things in and out of the car, I use them to carry packages to the post offices (Poshmark life), I've used them as work bags, and as a carry on! I'm telling you if you want to invest in one Stoney Clover true bag I highly suggest the tote bag. 

LARGE POUCH | My large pouch is another SCL item I use every time I travel. In this pouch I keep all of my makeup and other products. The large pouch holds 2 small pouches so I usually put 1-2 small pouches to separate my products. One small pouch I keep my makeup and brushes. Then the other I keep my hair brushes, dry shampoo, and other hair items. You could also easily throw everything into the pouch if that is more your style! The large pouch is a great add on to your SCL collection if you already have the small and mini pouches. If you are a Disney gal the large pouch also holds Minnie ears. So, this pouch would be great to pack for Disney in! 

BACKPACK | I am still in the process of customizing my backpack! Luckily I got mine from one of their online sample sales so it came blank. But, I've collected a few patches I want to get put on there! It's just a matter of me gluing or getting them sewn on. At the moment it may just have to be glue. But I love their backpacks as well. They aren't super structured so they would be great as a gym bag to throw clothing into. I've used mine mainly as a work bag or a carryon. The great thing about the backpack is that you can really customize and put a ton of patches on them. I love the destination patches on backpacks. It makes it fun and customized for your favorite places. 

TSA POUCH | A newer product for SCL is their TSA pouch. I haven't had the chance to test this pouch out in the wild. But, it's been sitting on my bathroom counter looking cute for a while. It holds a ton! I feel like more than you'd think. If you don't have pre-check I'd highly recommend getting this pouch plain so you can use it as your TSA bag during security. I have pre-check so I don't have to worry about this. But I still love a clear pouch moment!  

FLAT FAUX LEATHER POUCH | This is a great pouch to use as a clutch or in a bag. If you have a big tote like a designer tote bag this is great to help organize it. Throw small essentials inside and throw in your bag and you're good to go. I also think this flat pouch makes a great gift. I gifted one as a graduation gift with one of their location patches for the school she was attending. Makes for the perfect customized gift. 

SMALL POUCH | The small pouch is one of my most used pouches. One of the great things about this pouch is that it can be used in so many ways. I've used it as a pencil pouch for my work bag, as a makeup bag for travel, or to just organize essentials in a backpack. This size allows you to really customize what you use it for. It also can fit great into the large pouch. I normally use 2 small pouches in the large pouch to make it more organized! If you are just starting out with Stoney Clover I for sure recommend the small pouch to be one of your first purchases. 

LELE SADOUGHI x STONEY CLOVER HEADBAND | Some of my most worn headbands are my Lele x Stoney Clover headbands. They are legit so comfortable! I know headbands can get uncomfortable but I can wear these all day. The collaboration combines Stoney Clover signature colored nylons with Lele Sadoughi headbands. Legit a match made in heaven. If you are debating a Lele headband I highly recommend getting one of these. Also a plus is the non embellished headbands are pretty affordable compared to other Lele Sadoughi headbands. 

LOVESHACKFANCY x STONEY CLOVER COLLECTION | The Stoney Clover Loveshackfancy collection is one of my favorite collabs they have done! Loveshackfancy prints are gorgeous so obviously they make Stoney Clover bags that much better. They are actually launching a new Loveshackfancy collection later this month and in June. So get excited people! I bought a duffle and pouch from the last collaboration and I am obsessed. 


One of my favorite parts of Stoney Clover are the collaborations they do with other brands. From Disney, Eloise at the Plaza, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Loveshackfancy, and Lele Sadoughi I've shopped them all! Most of these pieces are exclusive to particular retailers which makes them even more special. While I was in LA I visited the Beverly Hills Hotel to pick up pieces from the collaboration. At Disney I always take a trip to the Orlando Four Seasons hotel to pick up a few new pieces from their Disney collection. If you are ever in NYC be sure to check out the Eloise store at The Plaza Hotel. They have the cutest pieces available! Stoney Clover is constantly coming up with new collaborations so be sure to check out their Instagram page to keep updated. 

Q: What originally drew you to the brand? 
A: I discovered the brand in about 2017. One of the first things I bought were their bracelets with acrylic charms and Liberty fabric ties. I loved them! Then they started making pouches more and more and I hopped on that train. Now here we are a few years later and I am obsessed. I think I loved all of the color and fun the brand brought into the world. I am a very colorful person, I don't like boring black travel accessories. So I was drawn to their bright colors and fun take on travel organization. 

Q: What products would you recommend starting out with? 
A: I think my top two recommendations to get into the brand are the mini pouch and the small pouch. Those are my most used pouches from Stoney Clover. They are very versatile so you can really get your monies worth out of them! I know the brand can get expensive once you add patches and everything so I also recommend getting your pouches plain to start. You can always add patches later on. But the small and mini pouch really allow you to test out the pouch idea and see if it works in your system or organizing. Whether that be for traveling, at home, your everyday bag or whatever use you desire! 

Q: Are you on Stoney Clover Lane's PR list? 
A: I am not on Stoney Clover's PR list. Pretty much all of the Stoney Clover I have I purchased myself with my own money. Stoney Clover in general doesn't do a ton of paid social media posts with bloggers. They did send me a little fun package of goodies for International Women's Day which was so nice! But, other then that I have purchased all of my Stoney Clover Lane products on my own. I do interact with the brand a ton on social media and have built a relationship with them, but that is just because I truly love the brand and the products! It is all not sponsored :)

Q: Where can you buy the Disney collection? 
A: You can purchase the Disney collection exclusively at the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando. They are sold at one of the gift shops in the resort. You can visit the property without being a guest, just tell the security guard out front you are visiting the gift shop. From the lobby turn down the hallway on the right and go all the way down to the kids shop! They are constantly getting new products and changing things up. You can only purchase the collection there due to it being exclusive to the hotel. However, you can call the gift shop and order over the phone and get it shipped! During your next Disney trip I recommend heading to the hotel in the morning to check out the collection. I did this on my last trip and it worked out well! 

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any Stoney Clover Lane questions feel free to comment them down below or DM me on Instagram. I can legit talk about it all day long so happy to give suggestions or answer questions. 


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