Monday, May 25, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Closet Office Progress Tour

This post has been asked for quite a bit! Today I wanted to share my progress on my office in my new apartment. Sadly with COVID going on there are a few things I am planning on getting that I just can't get at the moment. I am planning a large IKEA PAK system for the empty wall to complete the "cloffice" feel. But, so many of you wanted to see things ASAP so I am sharing a little progress update! Once the PAK system is in the space I'll finish hanging decor and give a final tour. 

For now I wanted to share what is done! Or at least pretty much done. First up is my desk space. Even not during a pandemic I work from home. So it was important to me to have a space to do work. Normally I work on the couch or something which I know is probably not the best. I've been trying to work at my desk most of the time! I got a comfy chair so it makes it way easier. This desk is from IKEA and I've had it for a while. It is around $100 which is such a good deal. It has a ton of storage and can be customized. You can pick different desk tops and legs based on your preferences. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am a planner girl. I love my planners, pens, and stationery. So, as you can see my desk reflects that! I have all of my current and future planners displayed on my desk. The main planners I use are Simplified Planner and Erin Condren planners. 

My pens are very coveted. Ask my co-workers because I get very mad when my pens go missing! I've collected pens for so long. I have a ton of pens from Disney trips, London, and all of my travels. Plus I have a ton of functional pens that I use in my planners and a ton of highlighters of course. I've linked my pen storage and some of my pens below. My Mildliners are probably my favorite highlighter I own! They come in a great set and they are perfect for school or planning. A while back my boyfriend took a trip to Asia and brought me back a TON of pens. So I have all of those displayed and organized as well. 

I ordered some super cute roses from Saaya Rose. They last 365 days so they are a great gift idea or decor option if you want flowers in your space! Plus you can customize the color of the rose and box to make it perfect just for you. My Beauty and the Beast notebook is from the parks. But, I've linked a similar option on ShopDisney. I believe they still have these available in the parks though!  


I reuse a lot of decor that I've had for years. But I will do my best to link what I can still find. An example of something I've had is this little picture display rope. It hangs on the wall and comes with cute gold clips to hang photos. Here I used it to display my Disney post card prints. I collected a bunch of little postcards to use as decor during my past few trips. I found a bulk of them at Disneyland!  This helps save money because normally prints at Disney are $100+. Where the postcards are about $5-10 each. I also displayed a cute old Stoney Clover postcard and a card from a local PA shop featuring Jim from The Office! 

I love these pin boards! They were a heart shape bullet board from the Target dollar spot years ago. As you can see they make the perfect pin display board! I have a good chunk of my pins displayed here. Some of my more limited edition pins I have kept with the packaging for safe keeping. But these boards are fun to display the pins from my childhood! Most of the pins on the bottom board I've had for years. 

I've got a lot of stuff, can't you tell? I always see so many bloggers with spotless spaces without any clutter. That just isn't me friends. I have a lot of keepsakes, gifts I've been given, and just memories! Pretty much every knick knack in my space has a story. Naturally I had to stay true to myself and include all of these items in my office! On the left you can see two post cards I framed that I got while I was studying abroad. One is from London and the other is from Paris! I love adding touches like this to a space because it makes it super personal. 

Here is my custom clothing rack! My boyfriend actually made this for me out of pipes. Maybe he can make a tutorial if you guys are interested. But, he assembled everything then painted it white. The nice thing about making your own rack is you can customize the size, height, everything! Plus it is super sturdy, a lot better then some of the other pre made racks. Hey whatever works though! I love having a clothing rack to not only store clothes but display them. I've had a clothing rack in my room since college. Mostly because my dorm rooms never had enough closet space, oops. 

Chuck had to get in on the photoshoot! He sometimes hangs out in here while I work. There is usually always a toy laying around somewhere. 

Another view at my clothing rack. I plan on changing out these clothes seasonally! Right now there are a lot of pinks and bright colors for spring and summer. During Christmas I plan on showcasing tons of cute sparkly holiday dresses! While during fall it will be all of my cozy sweaters and Halloween pieces. That is the one fun thing about having your clothes on display. Even if you don't wear them everyday you can still look at them. 

This lamp is old from Target on top of a really old side table from IKEA! I love re-using old pieces I've had in other spaces. You don't necessarily have to buy all new stuff each time you move. Re-use your stuff and make it new! 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at my office! This is just a first draft if you will so stay tuned for the final product. That will be whenever IKEA decides to open up or I can get a curbside pickup time slot! Until then I am loving my cute little space. Shop more details of my office below. 

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