Friday, May 29, 2020

Stoney Clover x Loveshackfancy Customization Ideas

Another day and another Stoney Clover blogpost. What else is new. But, today I am sharing some design inspiration for the Loveshackfancy x Stoney Clover collab! This collaboration is so good you guys. I am loving all the bows and feminine details. Today I am sharing some ideas on how you can customize your LSF pieces. I am particularly obsessed with this woven tote with the cute Loveshackfancy letter! How cute right?

So many cute combinations and I think the LSF patches go great on some of their other bags. So try and mix and match things to create your own unique combo!

Let me know your favorite combination in the comments! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I have so many combinations that now I am at a loss in my thoughts. I want to say that these ideas are quite simple to generate if you often watch videos on YouTube about how designers combine different things with accessories, after a couple of weeks of daily views you will start to come up with combinations that are in no way inferior. By the way, these ads usually have about 9-11 thousand views! I'm sure their authors are using to buy views.