Thursday, July 25, 2013

ONE DIRECTION concert: featuring 5 Seconds of Summer

July 13th, 2013:

Where are my One Direction fans out there? Well, I am a HUGE One Direction fan, to say the least. The Take Me Home tour in Chicago was one of the most AMAZING concerts I have ever been to. It was for sure one of the best nights of my summer so far. I didn't think you could top the first concert, The Up All Night tour which was about over a year ago, but it completely did.

I bought these tickets over a year ago for this concert. In other words I hadn't heard the CD or even knew if I would still like them. But, I love their current album even more then the first one. I think when you go to a concert where you know all of the words to every song its so much more fun. So, two of my friends and I danced and sang basically the whole time. My arm hurts so bad from holding up my camera but it was completely worth it because I got some amazing shots. So here are some of my pictures and videos from the concert. If you like One Direction I hope you enjoy!

My youtube video of my footage: One Direction + 5SOS Chicago Video

The outfit:
With my outfit I basically was being a typical "directioner" and mimicking Louis's classic blue and white striped look. Also, I wore the red bow belt to represent a bow tie because the boys always wear bow ties.  But, overall I just wanted a cute summer look but still had touches of the band. I'm not really into the puffy paint t-shirt look so I thought this was a classy upgrade. 


Where it's from: 
Dress: Forever 21 
Belt: Akira 
Shoes: Sperry Top Sider
Ring: Forever 21 

Instagram posts: 

I did my on nails using mostly the Revlon nail art polishes. I made a UK flag on my thumb and just a striped pattern on my middle finger. 

Check out my Instagram: miranda_pollitt19 for more pictures and videos from the concert! 

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