Sunday, July 6, 2014

Follow Me Around: Patriotic Fun + Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July! I had a super great time staying with my friend Cassidy in Bettendorf, Iowa. As her family said I had a "Old fashion small town 4th of July". Our fourth was filled with swimming, me burning, going to there street fest, and watching the fireworks. It was one of the best fourths yet! 

While I was there Cassidy and I picked up these American flag boxers at Target because we were planning our Halloween costumes already..... Then we decided to wear them around the rest of the day. They are a clone of all of the American flag shorts guys wear so we felt pretty cool and hey they are super patriotic. We took a punch of srat pictures with them on so I hope you enjoy! 


Shirt: Spirit Jersey 
Shorts: Target (Mens section) 
Hat: Ralph Lauren Polo 

A trip to Bettendorf is not complete without a visit to Whitey's! Its their ice cream place and it is so good!!!

On the 4th we spent the day swimming which was super fun! I haven't swam in probably over a year.... I know I don't get out much. But it was super fun laying by the pool and swimming with some of my Pi Phi sisters. 

Swimsuit- Victoria Secret 
Hat: Ralph Lauren Polo 
Cassidy's Swimsuit- Target 
Anne's Swimsuit- Primark 

Here are some more pictures from the Fourth! We went to her town's "street fest" and then just hung out at Cassidy's house. 

Tank: Aerie 
Shorts: Urban Outfitters 
Sandals: Target 
Earrings: Kate Spade 

On Instagram you can see my America inspired nails! My Instagram is @miranda_pollitt19

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th! Let me know in the comments what you did on the 4th of July this year :) 

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