Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to style The Periwinkle Co. bows!

I am currently a campus rep for The Periwinkle Co! The Periwinkle Co. is a line of hair bows and bow ties that are too adorable for words! Their newest collection is pure perfection. My favorite from the collection is this adorable plaid bow. I wear it al the time because it goes great with a lot of my fall pieces. Here are a few ways I like to wear them: 

Half up: Pin your hair back with a few bobby pins then stick the bow on top. Its the perfect way to showcase your adorable The Periwinkle Co. bow!
Behind a bun: Another favorite way to wear my Periwinkle Co. bows is to put them behind a bun. Simply put your hair in a donut bun and stick the bow right below it in the back. Its a great way to add a little girly touch to your look.  
To the side: Make an adorable bow your side kick! Simply pin back your bangs or hair in the front near your ear then place your bow over it. I love doing this with my seersucker bow for game day. This way you can sport your school colors while looking adorable! 

Current favorites from Periwinkle Co! Which is your favorite? Be sure to check out their website and use the code REP for a discount! Want to make an order of custom bows or bow ties? Contact me for more information! 


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