Saturday, January 10, 2015

Travel Diaries: Disney Day 4 & 5

Day 4: Another day at Epcot
For the fourth day of our trip we went back to Epcot. Normally when my family and I go to Disney we go to Epcot and Magic Kingdom twice. So, for our second day we browsed the countries, ate lots of food, and went on our favorite rides again. 

My family and I are addicted to the Italian restaurant in Epcot. We ate there for our first day at Epcot as well. I am boring and I got the same thing as last time, pizza. It's just to good not to eat twice! But, I did change things up and I got a different dessert. I got an Italian soda float which had a fruity soda and vanilla gelato. 

At night my Mom and I stayed for the illuminations show. It features lights, fireworks, and a globe! Staying for this show is always cool. Who doesn't love fireworks? 

Day 5: Hollywood Studios 
Next stop on the Disney vacation was Hollywood Studios! Hollywood Studios is super fun and has a lot of shows and some great rides. Here are my favorite things at the park..... 
Food: Pizza Planet based off of Toy Story 
Rides: Rocking Roller Coaster, Star Tours, and the Great Movie Ride
Shows: Beauty and the Beast show and Frozen Sing Along

I am a HUGE Frozen fan. Yet again who isn't? We went to the Disney Frozen sing along where we got to sing to all of the songs from the movie. It was super fun and the actors and actresses in the show made it super funny. Above is a shot of my leather Frozen bracelet that I got customized. I always pick up a few of these bracelets when I'm at Disney. The idea of customizing them is super fun and makes for a great souvenir! 

Pizza planet is for sure my favorite place to eat at Hollywood Studios! I mean you basically get to eat in the place where Woody and Buzz where in Toy Story. The place is decorated just like the movie!

Disney frozen bananas are the best frozen bananas. This is a great frozen treat if you want something less fattening. 

The last thing we did for the night was go to Fantasmic. I have not been to this show in so long! So, I was excited to see it again. I have to say it was better then I remembered. 

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