Monday, April 20, 2015

Lilly + Target Haul!!!

Well here it is! Here is EVERYTHING I got from the Lilly + Target collection! Although I did leave out one bag (Might return, find a friend who wants it, or just put it up on eBay. Not sure yet!). I am so happy with all of the pieces I got from the collection. Although I wanted more shift dresses I scored this gorgeous blue and white dress! It wasn't my favorite online not going to lie. But, in person it is adorable

I also picked up a few kids items. One of the many perks of being a shorty is getting things for lower prices! I found this dress in addition to a pair of shorts, white crop top, and a romper all in the kids department. 

This maxi dress will be perfect for a summer night! You could even throw on a jean jacket and wear it to work. 

These are the home items I picked up! All of these wonderful pieces are going to be perfect for my apartment next year. I plan on getting a bar cart to showcase the adorable glasses and giraffe bottle opener. Then the puff and pillows will be in my room for decoration! 

This tote was only $15 and it is adorable! I know it isn't everyones cup of tea but I think it is just darling. I love the combination of prints plus the metallic gold strap. 

I snagged a BUNCH of accessories! Some of these are gifts but I scored three headbands, hair ties, bobby pins, a makeup bag, and flip flops! These small items are going to be the perfect touch to simple outfits. 

This tote. OMG. This may be my favorite piece that I bought! This bag is gorgeous. I love the bright color and the scarf tie on the side. Also, who doesn't love some pineapple hardware? 

Here are the two pairs of shorts I got. The light blue ones are from the girl's department then the darker blue shorts are from the women's department. I also picked up this blue, white, and pinks scarf. This will be great for chilly summer nights!

This blouse is super cute! It will be great to wear to work in the future. Then the best buy of them all...... the mugs! These mugs were a huge favorite of mine from the beginning. Mariah my shopping mate scooped up the only sets. There were two sets in the whole store and we got them! Major score. 

What did you get from the Lilly + Target collab? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I don't really care too much about the home items, but the clothing are super cute! The first dress seems especially fun and cute!

    Opal & Opal