Monday, May 1, 2017

DIY: Graduation Cap Decorating

I graduate this week!!! It's crazy how time has truly flown by me. It feels like yesterday that I was packing up my parents car and they dropped my off at my freshman year dorm at Iowa State. Now, it's time to join the real world and become a grown-up. But, first, I have one craft left of my college career. My graduation cap! I was super excited to decorate my cap because in high school we weren't allowed to add any embellishments (like nothing) to our caps. Naturally I had to go all out for my college graduation cap! 

I first started by brainstorming some ideas for my design. Pinterest is an amazing resource to find graduation cap ideas. Check out my college Pinterest board for some super cute ideas! As for my cap I knew I wanted to incorporate a Disney quote and something about Iowa State at the same time. Iowa State's slogan is "Choose your adventure at Iowa State" and my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. It worked out perfectly to select the quote "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere". It matched Iowa State with the adventure part and was from my favorite Disney film! Plus it's super inspirational and kind of cheesy, in a good way. Also, I had a subtle tribute to Iowa State with the red and gold colors I used. But I had to make it sparkly and more girly to spice it up! 

Now, for the DIY.... here are the supplies I used to create this cap..... 

hot glue gun | glitter cardstock | rose 3D stickers | Swarovski flat crystals | glitter letter stickers | glitter foam stickers | scissors 
*All supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby* 

Step 1: I traced my cap onto the glitter cardstock to cut out the shape. 
Step 2: This is the tricky part, you have to cut out a whole for your little button on your cap. Not going to lie I messed this up. But, since the glitter cardstock was pretty forgiving I simply cut a square out that had a hole for the button and placed it on top of the area I messed up. Don't stress about it being perfect. 
Step 3: Next I simply set aside all of the letters and the rose stickers I needed for the design and practiced placing them how I wanted. Then I placed them onto the cap. 
Step 4: For extra sparkle, and a nod to my dance competition days, I added some Swarovski crystals to embellish the cap. 

Graduation caps don't have to be hard to make! If you use store bought stickers and paper like I did you can get your cap done in a flash. If you have more time and are more artistically inclined painting directly onto your cap is a great option. Do whatever you want to your cap and make it personal to your interests or major. 

How are you decorating your cap for high school or college graduation? Let me know in the comments! 

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